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Denver Hail Damage Roof Projects During COVID-19

Denver Hail Damage Roof Projects During COVID-19

Roof problems don’t go away during a pandemic.  During this time, people aren’t thinking about their roofs, they’re thinking about preventing exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.  But your roof won’t stop leaking just because we have a serious public health situation attracting our attention.  We continue to be available currently.  Hail damage roof repair and replacement is considered an essential business activity with regards to the Stay at Home order issued by the State of Colorado.

Spring Roofing to Fix Hail Damage Roof

Spring brings a lot of challenges to your roof.  These all present reasons to not put off that roof repair or replacement project.

  • • You may have roof hail damage or other damage caused by ice dams, or wind. If you are seeing water stains on your ceiling, the damage has already penetrated that far.  Don’t let it go any farther.
  • • This damage may get worse with heavy spring snow loading, ice dams, high winds, or additional hailstorms with our typical Colorado hail season and spring weather.
  • • Your roof may just be old and weathered which can also leave it vulnerable to damage from Colorado’s extreme spring weather conditions. If your roof is 20 or more years old, it’s time for a new roof.  If you aren’t at the 20-year mark yet but there are missing, curling, or buckling asphalt or shake shingles, it’s time for a new roof.
  • • Reroofing now means you’ll be ready for summer. You can choose new shingles to guard your home against the Colorado sun and summer heat and keep your home cool.  Some of our shingles are EnergyStar rated because they are good for this application.  And a new roof will better withstand damage from hail.
  • • You will miss the late summer and fall rush to get the roof taken care of before winter.
  • • The warm Colorado sun will help the sealants holding the shingles together to seal well.
  • • We are currently highlighting the Owens Corning Duration Storm, Class IV Impact-Resistant shingle.  This remarkable shingle offers extreme protection and security and can often reduce insurance premiums from 12-30%.

Now maybe the perfect time to take care of that hail damage roof repair or replacement.  If you have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis, we have solid financial options available.

COVID-19 Precautions

We value our workers highly and do not want them in high-risk situations.  Just as our safety precautions are standard to protect them from falls and injuries, we also want them protected from health hazards.  And, just as we keep the job site safe for our roofers, we want to keep you homeowners safe from health hazards.  Therefore, we have implemented additional safety and health procedures during this time.

  • • Our offices are closed, and our employees are working remotely. We can meet with potential clients using Zoom.  Contracts can be signed using DocuSign.  We have a hands-free, virtual process to meet with you to discuss what type of work you want done on your roof, review your complimentary hail damage roof inspection report, and sign documents.
  • • Our roofers work almost exclusively outdoors and rarely must go into houses. If it is necessary to enter a home, no more than two people will enter.
  • • We don’t mean to be rude, but we will not be shaking hands in greeting!
  • • Our roofers will always be maintaining a six-foot distance from clients.
  • • Our roofers will be keeping their vehicles, tools, and the jobsite clean. Required sanitation practices are implemented.
  • • And, of course, they are instructed to practice the same disease transmission prevention practices as everyone else including hand sanitation, shoe covers, and staying home when sick. None of our workers have traveled internationally to any of the COVID-19 hot spots during the outbreak.
  • • Since we are your local Denver roofer, our workers will not be staying in hotels during jobs thus eliminating this route of exposure.
  • • You are in charge during this process. Please let us know if there is anything you need to discuss for you peace of mind.

It is always essential that you hire a reputable roofer to protect your investment.  At this time, you also want a reputable roofer who will respect the need to protect your health.  Contact us to set up an online discussion to find out how we can make your residential roof beautiful and functional to keep you and your family safe and secure.

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