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The Reality of Hail Damage – What You Should Know Before Calling a Roofer

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Roof damage caused by hail is one of the most typical problems confronted by property owners. Unfortunately, many individuals are unaware of what measures to take following a hailstorm on their homes. You can prepare yourself for what to anticipate before hiring a roofing company, calling insurance, or attempting a repair yourself.

Causes and Implications

If the hailstones are large and winds are high, your roof may endure a great deal of damage. If the pellets are small and not falling violently, your roof may be able to handle the assault.

You also need to consider the age and condition of your roof. If your shingles are nearing the end of their life, they’ll chip away easier. If the shingles are peeling, lesser pellets, wind, and rain can sneak underneath and still cause a great amount of damage.

It is not always apparent which areas of the roof have been dented by a hail storm, as the pellets typically conform to the curvature of your home. Professional roofing companies will be able to find those damaged areas on the spot during an inspection. Hail damage can appear harmless at first, but it might lead to leaks and other issues that require a significant roof repair or even require a roof replacement.

The Risk of Leaks After a Hail Storm

Many homeowners do not understand that there’s a possibility their roofs could leak after being hit with hail. This occurs when the ice pellets embed themselves in your roofing material until they melt and affect the sensitive materials below. If you’re experiencing leakage and storm damage on your roof due to hail, get in touch with Peak to Peak Roofing to schedule an inspection right away! The more delay you permit, the more water can get into your property and the more damage it might cause.

A hail-damaged roof is typically an emergency and you cannot wait to get it fixed. The professionals at Peak to Peak Roofing do quality work and can help you inspect the damage, determine your insurance coverage, and provide a free estimate of repair costs. Peak to Peak is your premier roofing company for your residential and commercial roofing needs in Denver, CO, Wheat Ridge, Castle Rock, and the surrounding areas.

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Your Insurance Might Not Cover Repairs

It is not unusual to assume that your insurance company will cover the damages, but it might be easier said than done. Sometimes, it can be hard to get all of your expenditures covered by your insurer. You are relying on their assessment and inspection to tell you how much they’re willing to cover. Given that, there is the possibility you could receive a low settlement if there is no visible damage on the exterior of your house.

Having a reliable roof repair company in your back pocket when the insurer comes out to inspect is a good idea. With their experience, they’ll be able to back you up on the extent of the damage and vouch for the necessary repairs.

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Attempting a DIY Hail-Damage Repair is Risky Business

If you’re thinking about doing an inspection or repairs yourself, think again! This type of work requires specific skills and training. When it comes to hail storms, the damage isn’t always obvious. It’s not as simple as seeing dents in the roof like you would on your car. Plus, any repairs made on roofs with hail damage could lead to further issues if not done correctly.

Using a professional roofing company is pretty much necessary when it comes to hail damage. Prepare to hire roofing contractors, and prepare to work with your insurance. Yes, it might seem like an inconvenient cost right now, but it will save you so much time and money later.

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Call the Professionals

Before you call a roofing company or file an insurance claim, be prepared to expect the worst and hope for the best. Hail damage is tricky and usually hidden from the naked eye. Try to consider how bad the storm was and the current condition of your roof. Know that a lot of hail damage is actually leaks caused by lodged and melted hail pellets and that professionals are much better equipped to handle the damage than you are. Finally, understand that working with insurance can be hit or miss, so hire a reliable roofing company to properly assess the damage so they can help with the insurance process.

If you have been victimized by a hailstorm, call Peak to Peak Roofing as soon as possible. During your inspection of the roof, they will check every section from peak to peak to determine which areas have been hit and how badly they have been damaged. Their experienced crew is extremely helpful in assisting customers with their insurance claims. This local company provides excellent service and great communication because they focus on building relationships. Most of all, they work quickly to make you completely satisfied so your home can be returned to normal. Contact them today to learn more or request assistance!

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