Insurance Claim Basics – We like to keep it simple…


insurance claimWe know how complex and time consuming filing an insurance claim can be. That’s why we are committed to streamlining the process to make it as efficient and straightforward as it can possibly be. Our team is trained to ask you the right questions in order to communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf. By utilizing the same software used by most insurance companies to itemize damage done to your home, we create comprehensive roofing estimates and are able to provide information to these companies clearly and in their own language. We specialize in handling insurance claims from start to finish which is why no matter what step of the insurance process you are in, it’s the perfect time to let us help make it an efficient and even enjoyable experience.

Filing a claim doesn’t have to be traumatic!  And being aware of what to expect can make all the difference. The following is a step-by-step guide to filing a claim and being confident that your home is restored to its original state.

The following is an ideal order for a claim submitted to your insurance company:

  1. The Incident: Hail, wind, or physical damage occurs to your home.
  1. Report Damage: Contact your insurance claims department. If the storm was wide spread, there will most likely already be adjusters in your area.
  1. Make an Appointment: An insurance adjuster will usually call you and schedule an appointment to come to your property for an assessment within 24 – 48 hours.
  1. Call Peak to Peak: A good option is to have a contractor there to meet with the adjuster. This creates accountability on both sides having an insurance expert there along with a construction expert. It can also drastically simplify the claims process and allow for repairs to begin much sooner.
  1. Make a List: Meanwhile, make a list of damages that you see when walking around your home.
    Things to look for include:
    – Dents in gutters
    – Fascia and metal around windows
    – Broken flowerpots and damage to lawn furniture
    – As a good rule of thumb, if there is damage to your car, then there is damage to your roof. A great way for you to do a preliminary assessment of your roof damage without going on it is to look for roof granules in your gutters after it has rained.
  1. Be There: Make certain that you are available during your appointment.
  1. Get the Estimate: A Statement of Loss will be written up by the adjuster and agreed to by Peak to Peak Roofing & Exteriors. The adjuster will either leave you this statement of loss, email it to you or you will receive it in the mail in a few days. The statement of loss AKA the Scope, serves to itemize your losses and the estimated cost of repair. This shows what work the insurance company is willing to fund to restore your property back to its original condition before the storm.***Note: If the contractor is not present at time of adjuster inspection, there may be some items missing from the Statement of Loss.  This would result in the need for supplementation to capture full scope of work. For this reason, we highly recommend having your contractor present for your appointment with the adjuster to avoid misunderstandings and to speed up the restoration of your home. 
  1. The Work is Completed: The job is done by a licensed, insured contractor and the insurance claim is closed out. We are committed to doing our part in the most timely manner possible so that you can move on with your life. The average Colorado insurance claim takes 3-6 months to close out, we specialize in minimizing this time frame as much as possible.Give us a call so that we can advocate for you, take the burden off your shoulders and place it on ours, where it should be.720.328.5682