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Roof Inspection by Peak to Peak Roofing

Peak to Peak Roofing provides FREE wind and hail damage roof inspection for both residential and commercial properties.

If your home was impacted by a hail storm, our Insurance Claims Specialists will provide you with a comprehensive 10 point wind & hail damage inspection to assess for storm damage of the roof and entire exterior of your home. As a General Contractor our desire is to restore your home into better condition than it was before the storm. We achieve this by not only repairing all damages to manufacture’s specifications but also by bringing your home up to the most current International Building Code standards. If your home or office was not impacted by a storm but you feel a ‘check up’ is in order we will take no less care in assessing the needs of your roof & home or office building.

We inspect, replace and repair all types of roofs from tar to wood shake and shingle.

Roof leaks are not always detected immediately following a hail storm. When a big hail storm hits Colorado, you can expect to find granules missing from your asphalt shingles, which eliminates the roof’s UV protection and causes the asphalt to break down, especially with the intensity of the Colorado sun and climate. If you suspect any hail damage on roof, get a hail damage roof inspection from a HAAG Certified Inspector. Peak to Peak Roofing has HAAG Certified Inspectors, and we work with insurance adjusters to provide an accurate and thorough hail damage roof inspection.

Peak to Peak Roofing provides FREE roof inspection for all residential properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Free. A roof inspection is when a Peak to Peak Roofing representative comes out to assess the condition of a roof. As a service to potential prospective clients, Peak to Peak provides a simple, basic roof inspection at no cost to the customer.

Yes, roofs are installed systems that should be inspected on an annual basis. Although the roof of your home is typically out of sight, it shouldn’t be out of mind. During the course of a year, various weather elements, heat/cold, and animals can sometimes begin to cause severe damage to your roofing system. These issues can build up and wreak havoc when you least expect them. It is best to have a trained roofing specialist come and take a look at your roofing system and present any needed mitigation efforts that need to happen.

It is best practice to have your roof inspected annually to ensure that the system performs as it should and mitigate potential problems.

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