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Symptoms of a Sick Roof

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Symptoms of a Sick Roof

years, a roof that’s been on your house for past 15 years is probably due for a checkup, especially in Colorado. The following is a list of what to look for to tell whether or not your roof is sick and could possibly need the care of repair or replacement.

Buckling and Curling Shingles
This is a sign that your shingles have reached the end of their life and are no longer getting the job done. Buckled and curled shingles can also be easily damaged if walked on and indicate that more than likely the whole roof needs replacement.

Rotting Shingles
Like curling and buckling shingles, rotting shingles are not easily repaired and suggest your roof needs replacement rather than repair as a result of old age.

Dark Areas of Algae Growth
There are many causes for roof stains, from a defect in the shingles or rust to chimney soot and moss. These discolorations can vary in significance from cosmetic annoyance to structurally harmful. Roof stains need to be promptly diagnosed and repaired.

Water Spots on your Ceilings
Water is the enemy of a house because it can cause structural problems, mold, and even provide an invitation to various insects looking for a place to live. Water on your ceilings means an immediate roof repair is in order to seal the leaking section of your roof.

Missing Shingles
Shingles that have blown away in a storm provide an opportunity for water to penetrate your roof’s decking from where it can get into your house. Depending upon the severity of this problem, you may need a full roof replacement, or you may be able to address the issue with skilled repair work specifically to the affected areas only.

Asphalt Shingle Granules in the Gutters AKA Degranulation
When your gutters are full of granules, your shingles can no longer do their job of protecting your roof. The granules now in your gutter were important for giving your roof its color, protecting it from the sun, and enhancing its ability to repel water. Significant granule loss is another sign that your roof may need replacement.

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