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Commercial Roof Replacement

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Commercial Roof Replacement

There are many options to consider for your commercial roof replacement and we can help you make the best decision for your property. Fall protection is also a very important safety element to include with your commercial roof replacement project.  Consult with us to prevent any potential issues.

How Peak to Peak Roofing can Help With Your Commercial Roof Replacement:

Frequently Asked Questions:

The price for commercial roofing jobs usually will be calculated on an individualized basis, depending on such variables as size of coverage area and pitch angle. There are also factors such as location (whether in a metropolitan area or rural setting), community zoning requirements, accessibility to materials, and dependability of delivery services that may affect pricing rates.

For example, suppose your property has many high-rise buildings nearby. In that case, there might be safety concerns about working at heights which could increase labor costs considerably more than in other circumstances.

Contact us at Peak to Peak to get a custom quote for your commercial roof replacement.

Generally, flat roofs are cost-effective and durable. The cost of a commercial flat roof replacement will depend on the following factors:

• Type of material used.

• Accessibility for work crews to the roof and property.

• The type of substructure and its condition underneath the shingles.

• Climatic conditions and local codes will have a significant impact on the type of fasteners your roof system requires.

• Local building code requirements.

If you call us today, we can come out and provide an estimate to replace your flat roof.

When replacing a commercial roof, the materials needed will depend on the type of roof, the extent of damage, and the well-being of the substructure. In general, the materials required will include:

• The chosen roofing material

• Roof structure, which may be a concrete, metal, or wood deck

• Insulation

• Cover board

• Other substrate materials

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