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Selecting a Roofing Contractor

When it comes time to select a certified roofing contractor to take care of everything from roof replacement to siding installation, it is vital to do your homework. Many contractors out there say they are experts in anything and everything you might need for your home. But few have the background and experience to support these claims. While we hope that Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors is always your number one choice when it comes roofing repair and reroofing, we want to make sure that you are able to make a truly informed decision.  The following are some of our key recommendations for the criteria you should be using to select a roofing contractor, as highlighted by various national organizations:

Make Sure They Are Legitimate.
Check for a permanent place of business, telephone number, tax I.D. number, plus a state or local business license indicating where they are able to perform roofing work.

Lower Isn’t Always Better.
Don’t be fooled into hiring a low price bidder based on cost alone! Your roof must last for at least 15 to 20 years and needs to be installed professionally by a contractor who is committed to quality materials and quality workmanship.

Make Sure It’s All Covered.
Ask to see your roofer’s liability insurance coverage and workers’ compensation. Check that both are valid for the time frame that your roofing work will be performed. Also be sure to read and understand the roofing warranty provided by your contractor.

Get It In Writing.
Expect a written proposal for your roofing work that clearly states the kind of work to be done, the materials to be used, the approximate start and finish dates, and payment amounts and procedures.

Get A Point Of Contact.
Ask about how your roofing work will be supervised, and how you can communicate with the contractor and the crew, should issues or questions arise. Know the name of the supervisor who will oversee your project.

Check Their Background.
Look for a company with a solid reputation for quality roofing services. Check references carefully and consider visiting completed job sites to see the work that was done and meet other homeowners.

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