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Gutter Repair and Installation Serving Denver and Surrounding Areas

At Peak to Peak, we feel that sometimes gutters get a bad rap. Sure, it’s never a good thing to be “down in the gutter” but if you look up what a gutter is, you will find that it’s a simple word that holds an important place in many contexts. Whether you are talking about typography, bowling or interface design, in general the term gutter refers to a space in between. It’s a gap or a place that is holding space for something else.
The Gutters on your roof are no exception. Their main function is to create space to collect rain water and direct it away from the structure, usually into some sort of drain. But when your gutters are clogged up or they are not working at their Peak, this sometimes disregarded space holder can become a destructive influence in the overall health of your home.

Most traditional-style gutters come in 10 foot lengths and include many fasteners and seams in between sections. Each seam has the potential for failure, especially when Colorado weather is taken into account. For this reason, we are happy to provide a fantastic alternative.

Seamless Gutters

In addition to being Denver roofing experts, at Peak to Peak, we are proud to offer Rain Protect’s Seamless Gutters. The beauty of Seamless Gutters is that they are machine formed on site, during our work, from one continuous roll of material. So unlike regular gutters, Seamless Gutters have the advantage of having no tiny openings of fastenings and fixtures. Instead they are specifically tailored to your structure. This causes them to not be less prone to leaks.

Gutter Guards

We offer several styles of gutter covers or gutter guards which can keep leaves and debris from clogging up your gutters. We use everything in guards from basic mesh covering to the advanced Lea Free system. We are happy to help you make your choice to match the look and budget you desire. The following is a list of some gutter guard products we are proud to offer to match up with our seamless gutters.

Rhino Gutter Guard
Specializing in both reliability and affordability, Rhino Gutters Guards are known for their durability and performance. Created from stainless steel micro mesh they carry a 20 year “No Nonsense” guarantee.

Leaf Relief
This gutter guard offers a weather resistant solution to gutter clogging by harnessing the power of the wind itself. Using their patented Aluma-Perf Technology, Leaf Relief offers a cost effective and virtually invisible solution to gutter clogging issues.

Lea Free
Perhaps the most reliable system of gutter guard is the Lea Free cover. Constructed of a sturdy aluminum, it joins your gutters and shingles strategically allowing water to flow through without and clogging of debris.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Seamless gutters are custom-made to the exact dimensions of your home as one piece with no joints or hinges. They won’t have any leaks, and your home will be protected from water damage. Before seamless design, gutters consisted of several parts fit together by joints and hinges to form a system. Seamless gutters keep your home protected with a durable and reliable system.

The cost of installing seamless gutters depends on the size and design of your home. The more angles and corners your home has around the perimeter will require more specialty customization. In general, seamless gutters can cost between $5.00 – $9.00 per linear foot, depending on quality and labor. Call Peak to Peak Roofing to get a custom estimate for protecting your home with a seamless gutter installation.

Seamless gutters have several advantages over sectional designs; most notably is their ability to reduce leaks. Even the best constructed sectional gutters will begin to leak and degrade, exposing your home to potential water damage. 

In a sectional system, the seams actually catch particles and debris that can create blockages and overflows. Seamless gutters avoid these blockages, making them easier to clean and maintain. 

Seamless systems are custom-built onsite by professionals to the exact measurements of the home’s exterior. This level of precision does drive the cost up, but seamless gutters last longer and offer better protection of your home, providing long-term savings.

Seamless gutters are uniquely designed to exact measurements of your home to be installed as a single piece. Requiring professional installation, these gutters are cut onsite using a special roll forming machine on the truck right before it gets installed.

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