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Commercial Roofer Serving Denver and Surrounding Areas

At Peak to Peak, we understand that there are really only two main things that separate commercial roofing from residential roofing: logistics and project management. But in the course of a large scale undertaking, these points can make all the difference in the world. Fortunately for our clients, we excel at both.We are proud to be a Colorado commercial roofing specialist. Thanks to our expertly-trained team of project managers in Denver we can offer commercial roof replacement and core sample examination to determine scope of work.  Our roofing contractors are well versed about the zoning codes and provide exceptional installation. We will gladly complete all the paperwork and make sure that everything is done right the first time. Providing our customers with a variety of commercial roofing products is not just our expertise, it’s our pleasure.


Many people believe single-ply roofs to be chemically superior to layered or built-up roofs and therefore more environmentally friendly. These materials are generally constructed using synthetic polymer and are often reinforced using glass fiber or polyester. This makes for an environmentally safer combination and creates a commercial roof option that doesn’t break down as easily in the presence of most kinds of extreme weather. Single-ply roofs are also not as easily broken down by animal fats and acid, which can be a consideration for restaurant owners. On average, a single-ply roof has a 16-year life span.  This includes TPO, EPDM, and PVC.

This product offers proven seam technology and superior value coupled with a solid commitment to various “green objectives”, including energy savings.  Constructed with hot-air weld-able seams and EPDM rubber working together, this product effortlessly combines durability and performance. Known as an environmentally friendly and safe roof to install, these single-ply roof membranes are both algae- and ozone-resistant.

This type of liquid roofing product is virtually identical to its solid sheet counterpart but with the advantage of superior adhesion. Because of its liquid form, it showcases a seamless appearance and can withstand temperatures ranging from 40˚–300˚F.

Covering over one tenth of the nations roofs, PVC roofing was originally developed in Europe. A highly reliable reinforced roofing membrane, PVC roofing maintains an excellent thermal movement tolerance as well as superior impact resistance. Offering exceptional insulation, this waterproof and dirt resistant roofing option boasts minimal maintenance and is great for old and new structures alike.


● Liquid-Applied Roofing Membranes
A liquid-applied roofing membrane can be an easily implemented and maintained roofing option that provides excellent waterproofing with very pleasing aesthetic benefits. Perfect for both re-roofing and brand-new construction projects, this material can be used on roofs, decks, and balconies.



● Peel and Stick
This type of roofing is generally preferred by commercial buildings with a high concern for inorganic compound interaction. Schools and hospitals are often interested in the minimization of odors and VOC emissions, and for that reason, this product comes highly recommended. With a quick and “friendly” application, this type of roofing can insure that the organizations’ operations go virtually uninterrupted.

Peel and Stick consist of a Base Sheet and Cap Sheet.  There are featured products below:

● Glasbase™ Base Sheet – This type of built-up roofing is great for both re-roofing projects as well as the original construction. It is used as a base for both cold and hot applications of inorganic BURs. It provides excellent asphalt uniformity, strength, and moisture resistance.

● Yosemite® Venting Base Sheet – Often substituted for the base ply of a new membrane, this product is used over existing     gravel, smooth-surface, or mineral-surface roof systems. It can serve as a buffer layer that protects already existing roof membranes, allowing them to be left in place.

● Flintglas® Ply Sheet Type IV and Flintglas® Premium Ply Sheet Type VI – Constructed with adhesion between plies in mind, these products are designed as a joining, or “interply”, for both cold- and hot-applied, inorganic BURs. Both improve asphalt uniformity and provide consistent strength and durability throughout the roof.

● Flintglas® Mineral Surfaced Cap CoolStar™ – This heat-reflective weathering surface is often used as a cap sheet on both organic and inorganic BURs. Surfaced with an acrylic-based CoolStar™ coating, its ceramic granules coat the roof, providing unparalleled solar reflectance.

This product exceeds initial Energy Star® and California Title 24 standards, and can qualify for energy tax credits of up to $1,500 under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. For more information, visit the CertainTeed Energy Tax Credit page.


● Shamrock Building Materials
Peak to Peak Roofing currently has the pleasure of exclusive access to the class IV, impact-resistant shingles recently released by Shamrock Building Materials. These “super shingles” are being offered to our customers for a limited time at a fraction of what these sort of highly durable and energy efficient shingles generally cost on the open market. In most instances where these class IV, impact-resistant shingles have been installed, insurance companies have reduced their premiums by up to 20%.

● Atlas Pinnacle
This laminated architectural shingle is known for its multi-layered wood shake appearance. Designed with both lasting performance and desirable appearance, this laminated shingle comes in a multitude of distinctive color options and is backed with an unmatched transferable lifetime limited warranty.

● GAF Timberline
This product is known for its durability, wind resistance, and architecturally stylish design, and includes a lifetime limited warranty.

● GAF Grand Sequoia
The Grand Sequoia shingle provides a designer shake appearance at a competitive price point. This high performance shingle is commonly praised for its vast offering of natural color palette options, as well as its premium safety features.

● GAF Grand Canyon
Offering dynamic dimension and depth to any roof installation, this ultra-heavyweight shingle is committed to both appearance and performance. Constructed of a high-performance Micro Weave® core, this shingle is 450 lbs per square and offers superior protection.

● Certainteed Presidential
Reinforced with fiberglass scrim, this class IV, impact-resistant, luxury shingle is a product that we are proud to install. Mimicking the look of a cedar wood shake shingle, at Peak to Peak we are proud to be Certainteed Certified as Master Shingle Applicators.

● Owens Corning
A leading manufacturer of shingles and accessories, this company has been voted the most recognizable brand in the market. For this reason, we recommend their high-quality roofing products.

Known for being both strong and attractive, TAMKO has been offering high-quality roofing products for over 60 years. We appreciate their dedication to constant quality inspection for the purpose of improving their entire product line.

● Duration, Oakridge, Woodmoor, and Woodcrest
We are also proud to install shingles by these manufacturers.

Tile roofing has been a common construction practice for centuries. Originally manufactured from clay, stone, metal, or glass, the tiles were originally applied to the top of a structure to simply keep out the rain. Common styles included: Flat tiles, Roman tiles, Pantiles, Mission, or semi-cylindrical tiles. But today, as superior weatherproofing has become a concern, modern tiles are constructed of plastic or concrete and are generally coated in some sort of waterproof glaze. Tile roofs can be recommended as a result of their resistance to wind and cold, their energy efficiency, and, of course, their charming aesthetic properties.

● MonierLifetile
Perhaps one of the oldest and possibly most experienced concrete roofing tile manufacturers in the United States, MonierLifetile provides high-quality tile roofing products.

● Westile
With a main goal to increase the value of your property, this line of tile is both climate-resistant and durable. Showcasing tiles in any style from contemporary to Craftsman, this product line excels as revolutionizing the way consumers feel about tile roofing.


● Asphalt (Shingles)
● Cement and Clay (Tile)
● Wood (Shake)
● Metal (Standing seam, Pro Panel, and Coated steel)

We know how complex and time-consuming filing an insurance claim can be. That’s why we are committed to streamlining the process to make it as efficient and straightforward as it can possibly be. Our team is specifically trained to ask you the right questions in order to communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf. 

Was delighted to have quality work done in a timely manner. Especially considering the demand in the construction industry right now where sometimes even getting a call back seems like an oddity. Will return for future roofing needs.
Dana Hubbard
Dana Hubbard
Pete was vert professional and easy to communicate. Made it easy for us and I recommend them to all future customers.
Jandos Yerkhanat
Jandos Yerkhanat
I am very satisfied with their work and their work ethic. Job was done in a timely fashion. Customer service was not lacking, every time I would call I would get an immediate response. They went beyond the usual for me and I would recommend them highly!! Thank you Peak to Peak Roofing!!
Grace Barbera
Grace Barbera
My realtor suggested Damen at Peak to Peak for a roof replacement through our insurance. We were on a timeline to sell our home, and Damen was an absolute rock star. He answered the call on a Sunday night, showed up for an inspection and helped us through the process - getting the entire job done within a couple short weeks. The roof looks amazing, and Damen also met with our insurance adjuster and added the gutters and garage door. I can't say enough about the professionalism, communication, availability and work that Damen and Peak to Peak provide. Give them a call - you won't regret it!
Chase Piker
Chase Piker
Peak to Peak Roofing did a great job on putting new nsulation in my attic. Never left a mess. Would recommend them to anyone who needs this type of work
Daryl Otwell
Daryl Otwell
They were very helpful in getting repair done in a timely manner. They also painted the house. Everything looks very good and well done.
Joan Costa
Joan Costa