Commercial Roof Restoration

When commercial roof restoration is the best option for you, we can make a plan that will be safe and cost conscious while protecting the integrity of your commercial roof and property.


Restorations:  Sometimes a commercial roof restoration is the best and only option.  That’s okay. We can leverage our certified GACO coating product and processes to seal, waterproof, and protect your commerical roof for the long haul.  GACO installations are perfect for those that want to:

  • Find a cost effective way to comprehensively protect your roof and give it a complete commercial roof restoration
  • Limit the disruption to business operation in and around the property (no tear-off, no heavy equipment, no debris)
  • Provide an environmentally safe solution for your property (tax credits may be available)
  • Lower the cost of heating and cooling bills inside the property (high “R” value with certain color applications)

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