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Commercial Roof Restoration

When commercial roof restoration is the best option for you, we can make a plan that will be safe and cost-conscious while protecting the integrity of your commercial roof and property.

Sometimes a commercial roof restoration is the best and only option.  That’s okay. We can leverage our certified GACO coating product and processes to seal, waterproof, and protect your commercial roof for the long haul.  GACO installations are perfect for those that want to:

How Peak to Peak Roofing Can Restore Your Commercial Roof:

Frequently Asked Questions:

A commercial roof restoration is a process of restoring aged, heavily damaged, or neglected roofs. The process often includes the removal of existing materials and debris followed by the application of new shingles. Roofs typically experience gradual wear and tear over time due to the climate. Damage is often caused by weather like hail storms, heavy wind, or accumulations of leaves and debris damaging the surface. A commercial roof restoration will strengthen the weakened structure and improve the energy efficiency of the building.

Just like residential roof restoration, commercial roof restoration costs are based on the size of the area needing to be restored. Here’s a quick rundown for you:

1. Determine which area needs to be restored – Remember that it takes time to determine if your company is responsible for the restoration, so always contact us, and our team will take care of it immediately while gathering all information about your job.

2. Get an estimate and timeline – A professional estimator will visit the building and provide an estimate for your replacement needs.

3. Approve estimate – If you are satisfied with this estimate, permit us to proceed with the work.

4.  Installation Process – The roofing company will come and start working on the building once you are ready for commercial roof restoration. You should let others who use the building know about the project ahead of time so they can expect noise, dust, and mess from the shingle replacement process.

The price for commercial roofing jobs usually will be calculated on an individualized basis, depending on such variables as size of coverage area and pitch angle. There are also factors such as location (whether in a metropolitan area or rural setting), community zoning requirements, accessibility to materials, and dependability of delivery services that may affect pricing rates.

For example, suppose your property has many high-rise buildings nearby. In that case, there might be safety concerns about working at heights which could increase labor costs considerably more than in other circumstances.

Contact us at Peak to Peak to get a custom quote for your commercial roof replacement.

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