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Whose Side are you on?

Siding itself can serve many important jobs.  It can protect your home from the invasion of water and other elements of weather that generally produce destructive structural effects. It can also add aesthetic beauty while increasing the overall property value. Because this product serves such an important function, there are many different types of siding to choose from such as wood, plastic, metal and asphalt. At Peak to Peak Roofing & Exteriors we recommend two specific types of siding based on their cool combination of both durability and affordability.


Fiber Cement Siding
When installing siding onto any structure, craftsmanship is key. For any fiber cement product, it is vital to maintain the appropriate amount of space between trim and siding. Without enough space, moisture problems can occur and with too much space, the work simply won’t look good. We recommend and use James Hardie for our fiber cement siding installations.

Vinyl Siding
The key to installing vinyl siding is to install a quality product in an expert way. If vinyl is nailed too tightly to a structure it can restrict the materials movement creating a buckling effect which can cause problems down the road. We trust the professional line offered by Mastic for all our vinyl siding installation.

Siding Installation
We are dedicated to getting your siding job done right the first time, every time. Because most siding jobs are a somewhat craft-like process, they generally take 2-4 working days to complete. It is important to have a certified project manager on site while the work is being done. Our highly skilled crews use pump jacks on each elevation and every siding installation includes complete removal of all existing siding and the application of a moisture barrier or House Wrap product such as Tyvek. This allows the siding to be most effective in its function of protecting your home.

A highly breathable but liquid water impenetrable material, Tyvek is used to aid in “weather proofing” a structure.

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