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Commercial Roof Repair

Preventative maintenance is a cost-effective way to keep your commercial roof in good shape and minimize the need for a commercial roof repair.  However, if the need for a commercial roof repair does arise, as your local professional roofing contractors, we are here for you when you need to consider such a repair. Should a roof replacement be what you ultimately need, we can guide you through that decision as well.

How Can Peak to Peak Roofing Repair Your Commercial Roof

Frequently Asked Questions:

Repairing a commercial flat roof depends on many factors, but it is wise to call in a professional with the necessary tools and experience to avoid further damages. The areas to look for when repairing a commercial flat roof are:

1.  Identify the material used on the flat roof.

2. Find the source of the leak(s).

3. Examine and determine the condition of the roof deck.

4. Examine the vents for any cracks in the pipe boot, flashings, caulk, or any rubber sealant around them.

5. Inspect the durability of your roof’s material for any kind of shrinkage.

To repair a commercial rubber roof, it is essential to hire a roofing contractor with the necessary experience and tools since the rubber material is toxic. Routine maintenance is required to maintain a rubber roof’s longevity and strength. Such care should include resealing the roof at least once every 2-4 years. As well, a patch can be a successful remedy for minor cracks and leaks. 

Steps for resealing a rubber roof:

1. Dry and clean the surface.

2. Use a primer

3. Apply two coats of waterproof sealant

Steps for patching a rubber roof:

1. Dry and clean the area to be repaired.

2. Cut a patch extending two inches on all sides around the patching area.

3. Use a primer

4. Attach the patch

5. Apply a lap sealant

When a roof is damaged, either due to natural disasters or wear and tear over time, repair or replacement can become an urgent need. However, the cost of repairing a roof for damage might be more than many homeowners are budgeting for without borrowing money which they may not have available right now. Here are a couple of methods of funding your commercial roof repair:

•  PACE Loans—Some roofing projects may be eligible for financing through a property-assessed clean energy program or PACE. Offering low monthly payments and deferment options, these loans are available for improving building efficiency or adding storm damage protection.

• Bank Financing—The most common form of roof financing is through a bank or qualified lender. These credit-based loans will vary from bank to bank and customer to customer.

At Peak to Peak, we are available to guide you through the process of repairing your commercial roof. Call us today!

It depends on the roof’s age, condition, number of repairs already done, the number of present leaks needing fixing, and if it has already been coated once before. In cases where your roof has an isolated problem, it’s best to fix the area and save money. If there is a large amount of damage on your commercial roof with no way for repairs to be made quickly or entirely, then you should consider a replacement.

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