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Commercial Hail Damage on Roof Repair and Replacement During COVID-19

Commercial Hail Damage on Roof Repair and Replacement During COVID-19

Now is the ideal time for Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors to repair or replace your commercial roof.  Hail damage on roof repair and replacement is considered an essential activity, so we can keep working.  If your business is closed due to COVID-19, we can have your roof replaced or repaired before everyone comes back to work.

A pandemic does not stop your roof from having problems.  And, if there is any damage to your roof now, Colorado’s extreme spring weather, with its heavy snow load, wind, and hailstorms, will only increase the damage.  If you are seeing sign of damage inside the building, such as water stains on the ceiling, this damage will only get worse.

Commercial Hail Damage on Roof Repair and Replacement in Spring

Spring is always a good time of year to install or repair a commercial roof.

If you have hail damage on roof from a previous hailstorm, you will want to get that damage fixed before the next storm. Snow, wind, and rain can play havoc with a roof that already has hail damage.

  • • Roofers traditionally don’t have a busy spring schedule. This allows us to schedule the work between spring snowstorm events.  We can get in, get it done, and get out before that next heavy, wet snow happens.  This has the added advantage of you not having to worry about any damage to your building from that heavy, wet snowstorm.  And this year, you won’t have to worry about leaks going unnoticed because your building is currently empty of people.
  • • If there are visible signs of damage such as blistering or lifting of roofing materials or water stains on ceilings, don’t try to wait until later to have these problems repaired or replaced.
  • • The cooler spring temperatures allow our roofers to work faster and longer. The overall project will proceed quicker.

COVID-19 Precautions While Performing Commercial Roofing Projects

We value our workers highly and do not want them in high risk situations.  Just as our safety precautions are standard to protect them from falls and injuries, we also want them protected from health hazards.  And, just as we keep the job site safe for our customers, we want to keep you safe from health hazards.  Therefore, we have implemented additional safety and health procedures during this time.

  • • Our offices are closed, and our employees are working remotely. We can meet with potential clients using Zoom.  Contracts can be signed using DocuSign.  We have a hands-free, virtual process to meet with you to discuss what type of work you want done on your roof, review your complimentary inspection report, and sign documents.  These are common business practices at this time and, if you are making an insurance claim, we can use the same technology to deal with your insurance company.
  • • If your business does have people working in the building, our roofers will always be maintaining a six-foot distance from clients. Even during normal times, our commercial reroofing is a process that causes little disruption to businesses.
  • • Our roofers will be keeping their vehicles, tools, and the job site clean. Required job site sanitation practices are implemented.
  • • And, of course, they are instructed to practice the same disease transmission prevention practices as everyone else including hand sanitation and staying home when sick.
  • • None of our workers have traveled internationally to any of the COVID-19 hot spots during the outbreak.
  • • Since we are your local Denver roofer, our workers will not be staying in hotels during jobs thus eliminating this route of exposure.
  • • Your designated Project Manager will be your single point of contact. Please let us know if there is anything you need to discuss for you peace of mind.
  • • We believe in transparency between the roofers, the office staff, the insurance company, and you, our client. We will use our communication technology to continue this practice even while refraining from face-to-face practices.

Your commercial building is a great investment.  You want it to keep its value.  Peak to Peak Roofing is committed to using our expertise, service, and partnership to help you maintain your investment.  Don’t let the hail damage on roof of your commercial building deteriorate to the point of it causing damage to the interior of the building.  Contact us to set up an online discussion.

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