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Don’t Suffer Damage from a Residential Roof Leak

Don’t Suffer Damage from a Residential Roof Leak

Roof Leaks can cause all sorts of damage to your home.  At the first sign of a leak, get an estimate for a residential roof leak repair.  The consequences of a roof leak and the damage it causes can be very costly in so many ways.  Neglecting the need for a roof leak repair will only lead to more damage and greater expenses.  

There are many causes of a roof leak.  Being aware of the causes of a roof leak can help you notice them more easily and quickly.  Recognizing roof leaks will get you on the path to a roof leak repair, so you can contain or prevent any damage as well as saving yourself from unnecessary costs.  Ignoring roof leaks will only lead to increased damage and increased cost.  The cost of damages from a roof leak will greatly outweigh the cost for a roof leak repair.

Causes of a Residential Roof Leak

• Broken shingles or flashing

• Condensation in an attic leading to mold and deterioration of the roof

• Clogged gutters or debris on the roof

• Age

• Slope

• Improper sealing around a roof vent or skylight

Broken shingles or flashing allow for water to sneak in under these materials and make its way through the wood that is the ceiling of your attic.  Condensation inside the attic can lead to mold and the breakdown of the roof from the inside allowing water to penetrate the roof and create a roof leak.  Poor drainage, like clogged gutters or debris from a storm, can build up blocking water from being able to drain from the roof.  This water can then find its way into your home via a broken shingle or another material that may have deteriorated.  Of course, the age of the roof can also be a very likely cause for a roof leak as the overall deterioration of roofing materials occurs.  Lastly, any sort of improper sealing around anything attached to the roof, like a skylight, or venting of any type can also be all that water needs to get inside your home.

Being aware of what can cause roof leaks, can help you keep a better eye on whether you have a roof leak or not.  Once you can identify if you have a roof leak, you can take immediate action to remedy the situation with a roof leak repair to avoid any further damage to your home.

Damage Roof Leaks Cause

A roof leak not only damages the actual roof and creates a cost for the roof leak repair, but it also can cause significant damage inside your home which can lead to even greater expenses.  There are all sorts of issues that result from a roof leak.  The damage can be to the structure of your home, but it can also spread to other areas not only affecting your physical property, but also your health.  Roof leak damage can start in the attic and as water penetrates the walls and ceiling, it can also damage your personal property stored inside.  Water can also drip through the interior of the walls traveling throughout your home peeling paint, bubbling walls and compromising the structure of the ceiling.  All of this water can create a mold problem that can then spread to your HVAC system where mold can easily contaminate your carpets, furniture, and even clothing.  Mold can also greatly affect your health and make you sick.  Roof leaks can actually be severe enough for water to make its way all the way from the roof to the foundation.  Not only can you experience water damage, but roof leaks can also lead to a fire hazard as water can short circuit wires.

Don’t Suffer Damage from a Residential Roof Leak

You can save so much time and financial loss by getting a roof leak repair as soon as you notice the problem.  There is no reason to ignore a roof leak.  The problem will not get better and you will pay the price by suffering the consequences of damage to the structure of your home, your personal property and the costly expenses required to recoup the damage.  It is much more prudent to get your roof leak repaired as soon as possible.  The cost of a roof leak repair will undoubtedly be less than any overall damage that you could suffer.

Contact Peak to Peak Roofing as soon as you notice any water or suspect a roof leak.  We can inspect your property and check all of the areas that could be causing a roof leak.  We can provide you with a quick estimate for a roof leak repair, so you can begin taking immediate action to mitigate any damage that could be caused.

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