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Aurora Reservoir


Look no further than the Aurora Reservoir if you’re searching for a great way to cool off. On Saturday, May 28th, the swim area at Aurora Reservoir opens, and it has lots of things to do!

Annual passes are available for purchase by visitors who wish to use the reservoir as much as possible. Seniors and residents may buy annual passes for $75 per year. During the week, a single pass costs $10, while a weekend or holiday pass costs $15. You can also get a $15 watercraft access card!

On Martin Luther King Day (January 17), Earth Day (April 22), Observance Earth Day (April 23), and Celebrate Colorado Days (May 6-8), as well as Veterans Day (November 11) there will be four free usage days at the reservoir.

After January 2nd, reservations for shelters are also accepted! On the weekdays, a tiny shelter costs $75, but it will cost $150 on weekends. Large shelters are not available on weekends, but weekday rentals start at $350.

The entrance to the park is via a road that runs along the southern property line of the reservoir. The gates will be opened half an hour after the front gate and closed one hour before the front gate in good weather, and they will be shut in bad weather. You’ll want to be sure to leave the park before the gates close; otherwise, you’ll be trapped! For pedestrians and cyclists, walk-in gates are available.

The greatest fish are produced by the finest water! Tiger muskie, a catfish, a smallmouth bass, and a white sucker have all been caught in Aurora Reservoirs. Both Aurora and Quincy Reservoirs are stocked by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. If you’re planning to fish at the Aurora Reservoir, make sure you have everything you need. Anyone 16 or older must possess a fishing license. Fishing licenses are not available for purchase at the reservoirs; instead, buy one in advance from a local sporting goods shop.

The Archery Range has also been restored, and the new targets have been added. All 16 archery targets have been replaced with new frames and target bales, as well as verified accurate distance and overall maintenance of lanes.

The Archery Range is open during park operating hours and is free to use with a valid pass. The range includes 16 target bales ranging in distance from 15 to 65 yards, as well as 16 target bales of varying distances. If you wish to use your own targets and equipment, you may do so. Bows and crossbows are allowed. You must build your own targets/backstops for crossbows. Crossbow bolts and broadhead arrows are not permitted on City-owned target bales.

There’s even a scuba diving area! The SCUBA Dive Area at the Aurora Reservoir is open daily from dawn to dusk, April 1 to October 31. Night diving is not permitted. To enter the park, you must have either a day pass or an annual pass, which has no additional charge for diving. You’ll need to bring your own gear, though!

The northern reaches of the park include a diving area in the far northwestern sector of the lake. As you enter the park, follow the East Lot sign (with a Scuba symbol) to turn left. The north parking lot is accessible via this road. Climb to the top of the dam and head left until you reach the east end. At SCUBA Cove, there is an ADA-accessible route into the water.

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