How Can We Help You On Your Roofing Needs?

10 Point Roof Inspection

Peak to Peak Roofing provides a 10-point inspection of your residential roof or commercial roof. Our qualified roof inspectors look for wind damage and hail damage from Colorado storms. Our roof inspectors evaluate the roof, gutters and downspouts, in addition to all elevations of the home for siding damage, paint damage or window damage. Our qualified roof inspectors look at the deck, swamp cooler or AC unit, as well as any detached structures including fences and sheds. We also look at the interior of the home to inspect for water damage.

Our 10-point inspection includes the following areas of your home or business:

  1. 1. Roof
  2. 2. Gutters
  3. 3. Windows
  4. 4. Siding
  5. 5. Decks
  6. 6. Fencing
  7. 7. Painting
  8. 8. Out Buildings
  9. 9. Interior
  10. 10. HVAC Components:  Furnace Caps, Swamp Coolers, AC Units

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