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Alternatives to the Denver Green Roof Initiative

Alternatives to the Denver Green Roof Initiative

Denver voters approved a Green Roof Initiative, a requirement that large buildings over 25,000 square feet have roof solar panels or a garden roof. The Green Buildings Ordinance went into effect on November 2, 2018. There is a proposal to amend the ordinance to allow flexible options for some buildings. Even with the proposed amendment, Peak to Peak Roofing has another solution for commercial roof repair or roof replacement: GacoFlex.

Compliance with the Green Roof Initiative

The Green Roof Initiative applies to new buildings 25,000 square feet or larger, roof permits for existing buildings 25,000 square feet or larger, and additions to expand a building 25,000 feet or larger. The ordinance does not apply to single-family homes, duplexes, parking structures, temporary buildings, or air-supported structures. It does not apply to housing units that are built in a group of three or more attached units where each unit extends from the foundation to the roof and not more than three stories above the grade plane. There are partial exemptions for certain residential structures. If a 25,000+ square foot residential building meets the cool roof requirements, it may be exempt from the compliance pieces of the ordinance. This is only in cases where it’s an existing residential building with five or fewer stories OR less than 62.5 feet high; or if it’s a new residential structure with five or fewer stories AND less than 62.5 feet high.  

Impact on Existing Buildings

A Denver city task force was created to evaluate the impact of the Green Roof Initiative on existing buildings in Denver. The task force discovered that many existing buildings were not strong enough to handle the installation of a green roof, and in some cases, green roofs were cost-prohibitive. Older buildings may not have the structural integrity to withstand the weight of solar panels and rooftop gardens, not to mention green roofs cost a lot more than traditional roofs. Many commercial building owners simply stopped construction because of the cost and/or the lack of structural integrity in the building.   

Revised Ordinance

A special city council committee approved a revision to the Green Buildings Ordinance. In the updated ordinance, buildings that were covered under the original rule must now have a cool roof. Cool roofs are light in color, often painted white or contain reflective material. A cool roof reduces the absorption of heat from the sun by reflecting it away from the building. If a green roof or solar panels are not possible, the building owner must agree to use renewable energy in the building, get LEED Gold certification, or pay a fee that is based on the square footage of the structure.    

Is There Another Option?

As a commercial building owner, when you pull a permit for a new roof or roof replacement, the Green Buildings Ordinance takes effect. If complying with the ordinance is cost-prohibitive for your business, there is another solution that is more economical – a roofing product called GacoFlex. Gaco is a new roof system that does not require a permit to be pulled because it’s considered roof maintenance, not a roof replacement.

GacoFlex is an alternative to a full commercial roof replacement. It is used to waterproof and insulate commercial roofs. It can be applied to any existing roof surface, creating a seamless membrane to protect the roof from severe weather and UV light. Because GacoFlex is a silicone substance, it also helps prevent rainwater from collecting and pooling on the roof surface. 

The Gaco Advantage

The GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating System has many advantages for commercial roofing in Denver. Some of these advantages are:

  • • No degradation or cracking from UV rays
  • • Permanent and does not stain
  • • Prevents rainwater pooling
  • • Resists mold and mildew

Alternatives to the Denver Green Roof Initiative

For business owners with Denver commercial roofs, GacoFlex is less expensive than a full roof replacement, and the installation process does not interrupt your day-to-day business. When GacoFlex is added to your roof, it extends the life of the roof so that you may never need to replace the roof. GacoFlex adds a glossy and highly reflective surface to the roof, which reflects the sun’s rays and reduces the energy consumption needed for the building. 

Gaco Installation

GacoFlex is installed on any roof surface, including wood shakes, concrete, asphalt shingles, metal roofs, mineral cap sheets, elastomeric roofs, polyurethane foam roofs, and many other types of roofs. It can be installed on flat roofs and low-slope roofs. Gaco has a labor and material warranty. This roof replacement alternative is a proven solution to renew a weathered roof. 

Peak to Peak Roofing is a certified installer for the GacoFlex Silicone Roof Coating System and a commercial roofing contractor in Denver. If you own a building and you need a new commercial roof, consider GacoFlex as an alternative to a full roof replacement. Because GacoFlex is a roof maintenance product and not a roof replacement product, you do not have to pull any permits to fix your commercial roof in Denver. Contact Peak to Peak today to find out how much you can save on your commercial roof.

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