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Commercial Roof Hail Damage Repairs


The Denver metro area experiences devastating hail storms. These storms cause extensive damage to commercial roofs. Left unrepaired, the damage begins to extend under the roof to the structure below.  Commercial roof hail repairs are best done as soon as possible.

Factors Affecting the Need for Commercial Roof Hail Damage Repairs

The materials your commercial roof is made out of could be a contributor to the amount of hail damage your roof sustained. There are some materials that are better to use for commercial roofs in “Hail Alley”. Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors uses top of the line products designed to withstand the rigors of Denver weather including hail.

Another factor affecting your commercial roof’s ability to withstand hail is its age. Roofs wear out as time goes on, especially if the roofing is made from older technology roofing materials. After a hailstorm, getting hail damage repairs can mean bringing your roof up to current standards.  Old roofing is not a problem that will go away. Peak to Peak Roofing can also apply a coating to a commercial roof that does not need repairs in order to make it more resistant to future hail damage.

The wind speed and hail density are two factors affecting how much hail damage your commercial roof sustains. Higher wind speed can cause the hailstones to impact the roof at a higher speed thus causing more damage. And the density of the hail also contributes to roof damage. Barriers such as trees around your building can cause less hail to get through to damage the roof. But the wind can also dislodge tree limbs which can also cause damage to the roof.

Insurance Claims

We at Peak to Peak Roofing know that dealing with an insurance company can be time consuming at the least and frustrating at the worst. When we do a commercial roof repair or replacement that is part of an insurance claim, our project manager who is dedicated to your project can interface with the insurance adjustor on technical issues. In fact, we recommend you have us there for the adjustor’s visit so that nothing gets missed when he/she prepares the Statement of Loss. If we find damage that wasn’t evident during the inspection, we can provide the justification to the insurance company to amend the Statement of Loss.

Roof Structure and Penetrations

Hail damage doesn’t just occur to the roof itself. If the hail damage is bad enough, the accompanying rain may create problems with the decking under the roof. Also, the things that poke through the roof, called penetrations, may have broken seals which will eventually let rain and snow melt into the structure below. Getting water into the structure under the roof can cause mold and wood rot. Air conditioning units can also have damage to the fins from the hailstones hitting them. This will reduce their efficiency.

Commercial Roof Repairs

Hail damage repairs for your commercial roof should be done as soon as possible. By letting them go, the life span of the roof could be decreased requiring you to do a full replacement sooner rather than later. Also, damage to the understructure may not be covered by insurance if the roof was not repaired in a timely manner after the hailstorm.  You may end up with more problems with mold and wood rot.

Denver Roof Contractor

Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors is an insured, licensed, certified, local roofing company.  We have been in business over ten years and offer a two-year workmanship warranty on all our work. We use top of the line products in our work. The manufacturers of these products offer 30- to 50-year warranties. After a hailstorm, many companies form and hire workers just to fix roofs and make money from the storm damage. Once the storm is over, these roof companies may cease to exist. With Peak to Peak Roofing, you know we will exist to continue helping you maintain your commercial roof.  Your commercial building is one of your biggest investments. Don’t let a problem with the roof cause that investment to lose value.  Contact us today for a free inspection.

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