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Commercial Roof Hail Damage from the May 2019 Hail Storm

Commercial Roof Hail Damage from the May 2019 Hail Storm

On May 27-28, 2019, a hail storm hit Denver with hail up to 1½ inches in diameter. Many businesses in the Commerce City area sustained commercial roof hail damage to their roofs. Two years earlier, a hailstorm came through Denver with hail up to 2¾ inches in diameter. Some damage was also done by the debris picked up by the wind and slammed into the roof surface. Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors can repair hail and wind damage from the May 2019 storm. This is a good time to get damage from the May 2017 storm also repaired. If you did not get your commercial roof repaired after the 2017 storm, there is good news. The 2019 storm starts the clock again and we can repair all damaged roofs with an insurance claim. But do not wait to file this claim. There are lots of reasons to get a hail and wind damaged roof repaired sooner rather than later. If your roof is new, don’t assume that it was strong enough to sustain damage from hail. Newer roofs may be less damaged but may still be unable to deflect damage from large hailstones. Peak to Peak will perform a complimentary inspection of your roof.

Dangers of Not Getting Commercial Roof Hail Damage Repaired

  • Commercial roof hail damage and wind damaged roofs are susceptible to increased damage as time goes on.The impact of hailstones weakens roofing material. This weakness can be the point where a leak in the roof starts. Moisture can be getting under the outermost protective layer, even if you cannot see it. From there, it can freeze and thaw in the winter and cause further damage. In the summer, it could cause damage and a health hazard from the growth of mold. Leaking roofs may cause damage to the underlying structure of the building. At the worst, the damaged roof could collapse.
  • The deadline for filing an insurance claim can vary from 30 days to one year. Don’t delay filing the claim. The insurance company may not cover damage that happens under the leaking roof. You can find the filing deadline information in your policy or call your insurance agent. If you did not file a claim after the May 2017 storm, you can now get that damage repaired with a claim for the May 2019 storm.

Reputable Commercial Roofers

Beware of fly-by-night roofers. These storm chasers show up with promises to repair roofs damaged by wind and hail. After a storm, the local established roofers are often overwhelmed by the amount of work. Everyone wants their roof fixed right away and roofers need to put everyone on a schedule. The storm chasers will promise a quick repair. But there is no warranty with these types of companies. Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors is an experienced Commerce City commercial roofer. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. A Two-year Workmanship Warranty covers our work. We will inspect the roof to assess the extent of the damage. You will get a written estimate of the cost. It will include what repairs we must make or replacement we must performed. We also will provide you with the option of setting up a routine inspection protocol with Peak to Peak. You will avoid unpleasant surprises. We will find roof damage before you see the signs of extended damage. If possible, we will repair a commercial roof using GACO coatings. We apply coatings over the existing roof. There are advantages to this process. There is no disruption to business within the building and no permit is necessary. We also use Mule-hide coatings. These roofing types are superior to built-up or layered roofs. They hold up better in extreme weather. Peak to Peak is an experienced commercial roofing 2nd-tier contractor. We will assign a project manager and an experienced crew to your project. Your project manager will be the dedicated point of contact for you. He will answer all your questions and interface with the insurance company. Protect the investment you made in your commercial building. Contact us today to get that commercial roof hail damage and wind damage taken care of.

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