75431818_m-damaged-commercial-roof-600x400 commercial roofing problemsCommercial roofing problems can be a big expense to any business.  Commercial roofing problems can be especially expensive if they are unexpected.

Commercial roofing problems and leaks

Peak to Peak Roofing can repair your commercial roof if it is leaking.  What type of roof you have dictates the complexity of the repair. Peak to Peak can fix foam roofs or roofs with a restoration coating with caulking.  We can fix metal roofs with caulking or by replacing the whole panel. Single-ply roofing may need the existing material ripped up and a new roll applied.

Blow-offs, tenting, or billowing

If you have had blow-offs, tethering, or billowing, you need to replace the roof.  At this point, We cannot repair the damaged roofing material but must replace it.

Improper installation

A roof will not last as long as it should if it is poorly installed.  Always have your roof installed by an experienced, professional contractor.

Lack of maintenance

Regular roof inspections are necessary.  During an inspection we can find small problems before they become big problems.  You must have regular inspections done beginning with the first year of installation.

Standing or ponding water

You want to avoid allowing water to pond on your commercial roof.  This causes deterioration of the materials. Also, the weight of the water could cause failure of the roof.  To fix this, your commercial roof needs added roof drains or tapered insulation. We may need to repair or replace the flashing.

Punctures and the addition of penetrations

Foot traffic and dropped tools can cause punctures resulting in leaks and damage to the roof.  The addition of penetrations such as vents can also result in leaks. Peak to Peak can repair these with patching or caulking.  These are not permanent solutions but will work until you replace the roof.


If your roof is unsound, safety becomes a big issue.  It is imperative that you use an experienced roofer to do the repairs.  Insured roofers like Peak to Peak have the training and the equipment to repair an unsound roof.  An inexperienced roofer can create a much bigger problem.

Improper repairs

This could include roofing materials applied improperly or using the wrong roofing materials.  The way to fix this is to have the commercial roofing problems fixed by a professional. The way to avoid it is hiring a certified roofer to install the correct roofing products.


Shrinkage and expansion of roofing materials occurs when the temperature changes.  Colorado has extreme temperature changes between summer and winter. There are also large temperature swings between day and night.  A flexible coating such as GACO is a great way to have a roof withstand these changes.

Blistering, ridging, splitting, and surface erosion

We repair blisters by cutting out the problem area and replacing or caulking it.  The other areas may need a roof replacement.

Damaged flashing and pitch pans

These will cause leaks in your commercial roof.  We install flashing and pitch pans to deflect water away.  Installing them incorrectly, will result in the water getting under the roof.  We will replace damaged flashing and pitch pans.

Besides repairs, preventative maintenance is necessary to prevent a commercial leaking roof.  You want to protect your investment. Peak to Peak Roofing has an IM program to keep your commercial roof in good shape.  Your Peak to Peak Roofing PM will come out and assess how best to serve your commercial roofing needs. It is a good idea to make a list of known issues before the appointment.  You will then receive a value proposition outlining maintenance visits and cost. This is a way of preventing serious building damage caused by these common commercial roofing problems. This proposition will include the following:

  • Our qualified roofers inspect your roof every two to three months.  The different seasons all bring specific unique ways to damage roofs.  These include wind, hail, snow, ice dams, sitting rainwater, high heat, and UV rays.
  • We check all seams, penetrations, and the HVAC intake hoods locations
  • We can find and repair any damage before it gets worse.  Catching roof damage early means the cost of repair is much less than the roof replacement cost
  • Neglecting regular roof inspections may impact your insurance.
  • And, of course, Peak to Peak Roofing is always here to take care of catastrophic roof incidents.

What to Expect When You Hire Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors

  • Expertise.  Peak to Peak Roofing offers commercial roof installation and repair for all businesses. If you need roofing repair or replacement for your business, we are the roofing company for you.
  • Service.  We will assign a project manager (PM) and an experienced crew to your project.  Your PM will be the dedicated point of contact for you. He will answer all your questions and interface with the insurance company.
  • Partnership.  We understand you have a business to operate and stakeholders to serve.  Our teams will get the job done on time and budget, maintain a low profile, and be conscious of your needs.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary roof inspection.  And, if necessary, we can a replacement estimate.