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Facility Management Software

Facility Management Software

There are a lot of things to keep track of when maintaining a commercial building in addition to commercial roof preventive maintenance. This can be a complicated process when there is a whole team of maintenance personnel. Everyone has to have an idea of what needs to be done as well as who is responsible for each task. The key is to have a good Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). There are many different CMMS facility management software programs to choose from. They all offer demos with a salesperson.


UpKeep is a modern, intuitive, and mobile CMMS that streamlines the work order process. You can schedule preventative maintenance and tasks with checklists and schedules. UpKeep will allow you to manage maintenance requests, assign work orders, and keep track of your assets. It has a custom web portal, smart monitoring, and real-time notification. They have four pricing plans:

• Trial – free per user – this plan includes work order management, asset management, and checklist items and templates.

• Starter – $35 per month per user – this plan includes work order management, asset management, and preventive maintenance.

• Professional – $60 per month per user – this plan includes a request portal, PDF and video upload, and signature capture.

• Business Plan – $100 per month per user – this plan includes time and cost tracking, advanced reporting and analytics, and API access.


eMaint is an award winning CMMS program. It is fully configurable and meets compliance standards. You can manage work orders, preventive maintenance schedules, and a parts inventory. There are three plans available:

• Team – $33 per user, per month – this is a 3 user package with 500 MB of document and image storage. It includes standard CMMS features.

• Professional – $85 per user, per month – this is for 3 or more users and includes 100 GB of document and image storage. In addition to the Team plan features it includes interactive image mapping, workflow management, billing management, purchasing and requisitioning, condition monitoring, multiple form options, multiple location inventory, white label/branding logo, a sandbox staging account, account management, and experience center access.

• Enterprise – $120 per user, per month – this is for 5 or more users and includes 200 GB of document and image storage. In addition to the Professional plan features it includes single sign-on, access to web API, a multi-site toolkit, work request options, a user board membership, and an Xcelerate Conference discount.


FMX is a leading provider of facilities and maintenance management solutions that help organizations accelerate operational excellence. Their CMMS software enables you to streamline processes, increase asset productivity, and turn actionable insights into meaningful results. FMX does not have set pricing plans. Each customer gets a unique plan developed for them so you can get all the features you need without having to pay for those you don’t need. FMX is configured to meet your needs, has first-class customer service, and is results-focused.

Hippo CMMS

Hippo provides simple and easy to use CMMS for streamlining your maintenance works. Also, you can use the Hippo CMMS mobile app to get more done from anywhere. Hippo has work order management, improves safety and compliance, and has maintenance planning. There are three plans available:

•  Hippo Starter – starting at $39 per month – this plan includes single facility, work order management, preventive maintenance, a maintenance request portal, equipment management, parts and inventory, reports and insights, a calendar dashboard, up to 25 unique requesters, up to 100 equipment items, and minimum 2 users.

•  Hippo Plus – starting at $69 per month – this plan includes everything in Hippo Starter and multiple facilities / locations, maintenance request portal, KPI dashboard, integrative floor plans and maps, custom UI, up to 100 unique requestors, up to 1000 equipment items, Hippo mobile app, and minimum 2 users.

•  Hippo Pro – starting at $99 per month – this plan includes everything in Hippo Plus and multiple facilities / locations, work order templates, API access, single sign-on (SSO), purchase orders, email to maintenance request, the Hippo mobile app, e-signature for work orders, unlimited requestors, unlimited equipment items, and minimum 3 users.

Maintenance Connection Facility Management Software

Maintenance Connection, which is owned by Accruent, is a leading CMMS program trusted by hundreds of professionals. It will extend asset life, reduce downtime, improve labor efficiency, and lower inventory expenses through a preventive maintenance program. They have a customized pricing program and will create a CMMS package for your specific facility.

ARC Facilities

With ARC Facilities you get all facility management information in an easy-to- access platform. View information such as asset location, emergency documents, operating manuals, and other critical documents right on your mobile device. ARC Facilities has a mobile-friendly dashboard, custom navigation, and centralized facility information. They provide customized packages for each client.


With ARCHIBUS you can centralize your data, planning and operations into one seamless platform backed by 35 years of innovation and the world’s largest support network. They have central database and integration connectors, a user-friendly interface, and online training courses. ARCHIBUS offers customized programs for each client.


ServiceChannel lets you manage all maintenance activity from a single platform. You can source, procure, manage, and pay for repair and maintenance services from commercial contractors across their enterprise. They have many different customizations and will create something for your facility.

Corrigo Facility Management Software

Corrigo‘s cutting-edge facilities management platform empowers more than 2.5 million users to transform their facilities operations in 1.6 million locations globally. They create custom plans for your facility.

Preventive Maintenance for Your Commercial Roof Integrates Into Facility Management Software

Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors offers a preventive maintenance program for our commercial roofing clients. We will come out to your roof seasonally to inspect and assess any damage that may have been done during the previous season’s weather events. By catching these problems early, you save money by having us repair them when they are small. Our program can be integrated into your CMMS. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary inspection.

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