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A Post COVID-19 Shutdown Commercial Roof Inspection

A Post COVID-19 Shutdown Commercial Roof Inspection

It is time to open your commercial building for occupancy after the COVID-19 shutdown.  You will want to make sure nothing happened to the roof while the building was vacant by having a commercial roof inspection.  Your commercial building is one of your most important investments. We want to help you maintain its value.  Colorado weather does not take a break because of a pandemic.  Those winter and spring hail and snow storms continued to occur.  They may have damaged your commercial roof while your building was empty.  No people were inside to notice leaks or problems with the air conditioning.  You may not know that your commercial roof sustained some damage due to weather.  Take care of these problems now rather than later.  This will reduce your commercial roof repair costs.

Commercial Roof Leaks

Signs of a leaking roof would include wet spots or stains on the ceiling.  If a roof is leaking, it needs an immediate repair.  Water getting through a damaged roof will cause damage to the structure under the roof.  This problem will not go away, but will only get worse with time.  Your building could develop issues with mold growth. This will become a health issue to your tenants.  Water getting through the roof can also damage equipment and inventory.

There are many things that could cause roof leaks.  The hailstones could have damaged the membrane itself.  This may be particularly likely if the roof is old.  It could also have damaged flashing and pitch pans.

Ponding on the Roof

Puddling or ponding on your commercial roof indicates a drainage problem.  The roof surface should slope toward the drains.  This removes collected rainwater and snowmelt.  If not, this indicates that there may be damage to the surface which has changed the slope away from the drain. Or, there may be a blockage in the drain.  Both of these instances need repairs as soon as possible.  The sitting water can deteriorate the roof surface.   If there is a lot of it, the weight of the water can also cause structural damage.  Ponding can also create an ideal environment for mold growth.  This can deteriorate the surface as well as create a health hazard.

Damage to Air Conditioning Unit Fins

Hailstones can cause damage to the fins on your building’s air conditioning units.  You may see fin damage or be experiencing air conditioner functionality issues.  You should schedule a commercial roof inspection immediately.  If your air conditioning unit has sustained damage, then your roof likely has, too.  As a Denver commercial roofer, Peak to Peak Roofing is familiar with this damage.  We can find it during your commercial roof inspection.

Condensation in Skylights

Condensation in skylights indicates that there is a seal broken somewhere.  Skylights are particularly vulnerable to hail damage.  Everyone found out in 2017 when a hail storm caused extensive damage to Colorado Mills.  It allowed rainwater to pour into the building.  You need to have an experienced Denver roofer inspect any penetration of your roof.  This includes the skylights.

COVID-19 Precautions During Your Commercial Roof Inspection

Our roof inspectors can schedule your inspection with minimal interface with building occupants.  We can perform roof repairs without removing the existing roofing materials.  This way we won’t disrupt your business.  We apply our GACO roof coatings right over your existing roof.  Peak to Peak Roofing is very experienced with this product.  We will get the job done on time and on budget.

Peak to Peak Roofing repairs, restores, and replaces commercial roofs.  We are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your roofing needs.  We have a preventive maintenance program that includes seasonal commercial roof inspections.  These inspections identify repair needs early.  Early detection prevents more damage to your roof or the decking below.  Also, we train our workers in procedures to reduce any risk of transmission of COVID-19.  We supply them with hand sanitizer, shoe covers, and face masks.  Contact us today.  We can meet via Zoom after your inspection and present contracts using DocuSign.  We promise to keep the job site clean, safe, and healthy.  Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors is proud to do our part to help open Colorado’s economy.  We do this by providing adequate roofing over the heads of your  building tenants. And, we help you protect your commercial building investment.

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