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Your Denver Commercial Roofing Inspection


As we watch extreme weather events in other parts of the United States, remember to think about the weather that your commercial roof endures all year round, year after year. When was the last time you had your Denver commercial roofing inspection performed? Your commercial building is one of your most important investments. You don’t want it to lose value because of damage caused to the roof which allowed damage to the building underneath.

Damaging Winds

The winds in Colorado can cause a lot of damage to your commercial roof. If you have experienced high winds, you will definitely want to schedule that roof inspection. Winds can tear things off the roof that are supposed to be there but can also carry things, like tree limbs, to the roof that do damage when they land. Damage done to the surface of the roof will allow water to seep in and cause damage under the roof.

Freezing Rain

With the changing climate, we are seeing more freezing rain in Denver. Freezing rain, as well as rain that falls and later freezes, can wreak havoc on a commercial roof. Rainwater that seeps into any crack or space caused by existing roof damage can freeze and expand causing the crack or space to get bigger. Once water gets under the roof, it can cause wood rot or mold in the structure below. Standing water will also cause deterioration to the roof, especially if it freezes. Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors offers complimentary Denver commercial roofing inspections.

Hot Temperatures

Buildings at one mile above sea level have one less mile of atmosphere for the sun’s radiation to travel through and be absorbed. A commercial building in Denver experiences extreme heat in the summer due to this radiation. Every year, we have many days with highs in the 90s and even a few 100s. This intense heat can stress your commercial building roof. A neglected roof will have worse problems when the hot sun starts baking it.

Rain and Hail

Another summer hazard to Denver commercial roofs is rain and hail. Denver is located in “Hail Alley” which basically means we get serious hailstorms. The hail is usually accompanied by copious amounts of rain. Hail can damage the surface of the roof and then the rainwater can leak through the breaks in the surface caused by the hail. It doesn’t stop there. Subsequent rain storms will continue to deposit water on the roof which will continue to leak in damaging the structure below.

Peak to Peak is Your Denver Commercial Roofing Contractor For Your Denver Commercial Roofing Inspection

We are experienced roofers who have been in business for over ten years. We are licensed and insured and hold industry certifications. Our employees are not temporary workers hired after a significant weather event but skilled roofers that we make sure are well-trained. They are taught to run a clean and safe job site. Our work comes with a two-year workmanship warranty. The manufacturers have 30- to 50-year warranties on their products. You want to make sure your roof repair or replacement has a warranty.

Peak to Peak has a program of preventive maintenance for commercial building owners. We will come out and inspect your roof every two to three months. This way we can catch any damage early and get things repaired quickly before the damage escalates. We also work with your insurance company. We can be present while the insurance adjuster is there so that the Statement of Loss is accurate. If any changes need to be made, we can provide the justification they need to approve the change order.

What to Expect When You Have Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors Perform Your Denver Commercial Roofing Inspection

• Expertise.  Peak to Peak Roofing offers commercial roof installation and repair for all businesses. If you need roofing repair or replacement for your business, we are the roofing company for you.

• Service.  We will assign a project manager (PM) and an experienced crew to your project.  Your PM will be the dedicated point of contact for you. He will answer all your questions and interface with the insurance company.

• Partnership.  We understand you have a business to operate and stakeholders to serve.  Our teams will get the job done on time and budget, maintain a low profile, and be conscious of your needs.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary roof inspection.  And, if necessary, we can a replacement estimate. Your commercial building may be one of your biggest investments. Protect that investment by protecting the roof.

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