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Downtown Aquarium

Denver Aquarium

If you’ve never been to the Downtown Aquarium in Denver, CO before, you’re in for a treat. There are many kinds of sea life to encounter and appreciate. Learn about local species as well as those from all around the world, and get up-close and personal with sharks, sea turtles, and rays. There are also behind-the-scenes tours accessible. And with so many additional events on the horizon, you’ll undoubtedly find something to keep you occupied throughout your stay. It is at 700 Water St, Denver, CO 80211.

The hotel is conveniently located near the Colorado Convention Center, Elitch Gardens Theme Park, and other downtown sites. The Downtown Aquarium may be easily accessed from the Sixteenth Street Mall and Union Station, two popular shopping destinations. The Denver Zoo, Elitch Gardens, and the History Colorado Museum are all top attractions in the city. And if you want to spend an evening doing something fun, why not watch a live performance of mermaids? The show is held monthly and will keep you enthralled for hours.

There’s more to see than just the animals. The Denver Zoo includes 24 species of primates, including black howler monkeys in Primate Panorama. The 1908 Monkey House has a despondent troop of monkeys, but the Denver Zoo houses more hooded capuchins, outnumbering San Diego’s 1908 Monkey House by primate variety. Furthermore, the Denver Zoo maintains the most primate species of any zoo in the country, so if you’re interested in primates, this is your destination.

For more thrilling underwater experiences, go to the Denver Aquarium. There are several entertaining activities for the entire family, such as a dive shop, available. Adults must be at least 12 years old, but children should be accompanied by an adult. In addition, all participants must sign a liability release and animal interaction guidelines. If you’re under the age of 18, you’ll need to have a parent or legal guardian sign a form. There’s also a video of the dive if you want to see it later on.

There are also packages that allow guests to get up close and personal with the animals. The Denver Zoo has four pools in five separate yards with a combined area of roughly two acres. Over a million gallons of water make for ideal conditions for close encounters. The long, thin habitats resemble a 4.5-acre paddock at the Kansas City Zoo. In the near future, the Denver Zoo’s all-bull herd is expected to move into one of these areas.

The $50 million Toyota Elephant Passage at the Denver Zoo is intended to boost visitor numbers. However, owing to the expanding number of theme parks and free zoos in the region, the Denver Zoo lags behind its peers.

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