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3 Roofing Scams to Avoid

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After a Colorado hail storm, you are more likely to fall victim to roofing scams. The door-to-door roofing sales pitch from storm chaser roofing companies is almost guaranteed to happen to homeowners immediately after a big hail storm. Oftentimes these are out-of-state roofing fraudsters who prey upon unsuspecting homeowners, especially seniors. Here are three things to be aware of when it comes to roof scams.

Up Front Payments

One of the most common roofing scams is a roofing contractor who insists on an up-front payment before starting the roof repair work. These roofing fraudsters may ask you to sign over an insurance check in order to buy materials. Many homeowners have done this and the roofing contractors vanish with the money and never return.

Another tactic is when a roof storm chaser asks for a deposit to lock in a discount or special rate. The roof scammer will give you a very compelling reason why a deposit is needed, and it’s usually not true. A deposit is never required and that special discount is nothing but a scam.

Remember to always hire a well-known local Denver roofing company with the proper credentials, such as membership in the Colorado Roofing Association or member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You also want a local roofing contractor with a good reputation who is licensed, bonded, and insured because these qualified roofing companies will not ask for payment in advance.

As a homeowner, you must do your due diligence to investigate every roofing contractor that comes to your house. Ask for their current certifications, licenses, workers’ compensation insurance, and liability insurance. Look at the roofing company’s website and check their references. Do not sign any contracts until you have verified their credentials and references.

Low Bids

Another common roof scam is a roofing contractor who gives you a very low bid to do hail damage roof repair or roof replacement. These storm chaser roofing contractors may offer a quick repair, cheap labor, or a price that seems too good to be true.

There have been instances where these fraudulent roofers will do cheap roof repairs and roof replacements on several homes in a neighborhood, and leave without paying the suppliers of the roofing materials. The suppliers come back to the homeowners asking for payment. A reputable Denver roofing company will never do this.

Remember, if an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Door to Door Sales Pitch

The door-to-door roofing sales pitch is another typical roofing scam tactic. A friendly person will come to your door and offer to do a free roof inspection, and of course, they say the whole roof needs to be replaced. They may offer an extremely low price, cheap labor, or a quick fix, but their work is never guaranteed and they cannot provide any references.

The worst of these storm-chasing roofers will prey on the elderly. If an elderly person answers the door, they make a very convincing argument why they are the only solution to fix the roof hail damage. These fraudster roofers use aggressive sales tactics, especially fear-based tactics to persuade the elderly person to give them a deposit or sign a contract. Storm chasers often inflate the roof repair cost just because the homeowner is elderly, and they may convince the senior citizen that hail damage to the roof exists even when the roof is fine.

If a roofing contractor does come to your door, take a look at their vehicle. Is it a truck with a business logo? Are the license plates in-state or out-of-state? An out-of-state license tag is a huge red flag that you’re dealing with a storm chasing roofing contractor.

If a roofing salesperson knocks on your door and they are with a reputable roofing company, they will be able to provide the documentation and credentials to verify their reputation.

Last Word

In any of these scenarios, the outcomes are catastrophic for homeowners. In the worst-case scenario, a roofing storm chaser will remove your existing roof and then demand more money to replace the roof. If that happens, your house is completely exposed with no roof at all, and the roofing fraudster will try to charge an outrageous fee to fix it. You want to avoid getting to this point in a roof repair or roof replacement process. Always get a quote and check references from a reputable, local roofing contractor with years of experience in the community.

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