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Denver Roofing in Winter: Why to Do It Now

Dangers of Snow on Hail Damage Roof

For most people, their home is their most important investment.  Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors, a Denver roofing company, can help you keep the value of your home by performing maintenance and repair of your roof.  A damaged roof will allow damages to occur under the roof.  This problem can be worse in winter.  If your home needs a new roof, waiting until spring may not be a good strategy.

Year-round Denver Roofing Replacement

Denver’s many sunny days make it possible to repair and replace roofs all year round.  In fact, there are many reasons why a winter roof replacement is desirable.

  • • Roofing materials can be more available in the winter.
  • • Adjusters are easier to schedule because the summer hail season is over.
  • • Insurance claims are often quicker.

And, speaking of hail, you do not want your hail-damaged roof to remain damaged through the winter.  The freeze and thaw cycle caused by Denver’s cold nights and sunny days will make the damage worse.  Moisture seeps into damaged spots.  It then causes more damage by freezing and expanding.

Temperatures Needed

Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors is one of the premier Denver roofing companies. We have experience replacing roofs in the winter.  We stay abreast with weather to schedule installations on 40-degree days. This is important to ensure that material specifications are upheld and manufacturer warranties are protected.

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Peak to Peak is your premier Denver roofing contractor.  We have experienced project managers and a solid core team to assist you every step of the way.  We are members of the Colorado Roofing Association and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  Our roofs come with a Two-year Workmanship Warranty and we are fully licensed and insured.  Peak to Peak will offer you a detailed proposal outlining exactly what we will do and what it will cost.  You can read testimonials from some of our clients.

Winter Threats to Your Roof

  • • Old shingles and existing damage are the biggest threats to your roof in winter.
  • • Poor drainage from damaged, inadequate, or blocked gutters can be a problem. Peak to Peak can also replace damaged gutters.
  • • Ice dams form on the edge of the roof from the melting and freezing cycle of snow. The ice dam can continue to grow and seep under the shingles.  The melted snow under the shingles will refreeze and can cause damage to the roof.
  • • A hail storm may have damaged chimneys and vents, referred to as roof penetrations. These places are another area where the moisture can seep in and freeze, thus causing a leak to your roof.

Trying to get through the winter with a damaged roof is a bad idea.  These winter roof hazards create worse problems if there is existing damage to the roof.  It might cost you more if you try to wait for spring.  These are good reasons to replace your roof right away and not wait until spring.  Contact us today to schedule a complimentary roof inspection and replacement estimate.

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