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Fall Residential Roof Maintenance

Fall Residential Roof Maintenance

It’s that time of year again. In fall, we enjoy the folliage changing, the crisp air, and all things pumpkin spice. But it’s also time to remember routine fall roof maintenance. After all, your roof is going to protect you from the next season coming: winter.

• Start your fall roof maintenance with a visual inspection. You are looking for the following:

◦ Lifting or missing shingles

◦ Damaged drip edges

◦ Buckling, loose or missing flashing

◦ Missing or exposed fasteners

◦ Sagging or broken gutters

◦ Piles of granule

• Clean the gutters. Debris in your gutters can contribute to ice dams which will compromise your Denver roofing. You can have a professional do this or do it yourself. If you are going to do it yourself, here are the steps:

◦ Remove the leaves by hand.

◦ Powerwash what’s left – use a garden hose if you don’t have a powerwasher. Don’t forget to run water down the downspouts to check for clogs.

◦ Fix problems right away. They will only create more problems this winter.

Trim the trees. Any branches overhanging your roof should be removed. If they break during a winter storm, then they could damage your roof and the underlying space. If you live in the mountains, this is also a wildfire hazard.

•Check for algae or moss growing on your roofing surface:

◦ Keep your attic properly vented.

◦ Remove debris. It helps create an ideal environment for standing water and then moss and algae.

•Re-caulk, if necessary. If your flashing appears to be coming loose, it might mean the caulking needs to be redone. You don’t want ice and snow to be leaking at these points.

•Check the insulation. In addition to keeping heat from escaping through your attic, the insulation keeps that heat from adding to the formation of ice dams on the exterior of the roof.

•Get an inspection. Now is a good time to have your Denver roofing inspected.  Make sure you have an experienced roofer in Denver perform this inspection.

•Schedule roof repairs. Don’t wait too long to get your roof repairs in Denver. Getting your roof repaired in Denver allows you to enjoy winter knowing that your roof is safe from the harsh winter weather. If your damage is a claim covered by insurance, further damage caused by neglecting to get these repairs might not be covered due to neglect of your roof.

•Check your window seals. These can fail with temperature swings. Failed window seals will let heat out and damp moist, cold air in.

•Repair sidewalks. Cracks and holes in your sidewalks can cause accidents when covered with and hidden by ice and snow. Get these repaired while it is still warm enough for concrete to set.

•Repair and add outside lighting. Beyond holiday lighting, you might want utility lighting to illuminate walkways in the winter. With the shorter days, people are often coming and going while the sun is down. Replace all burnt out bulbs. If your motion sensor is stuck in the “On” mode, cut power to it for about five minutes. It should work correctly when you restore power.

•Get your chimney inspected and cleaned. If you burn wood fires, this is a necessary precaution to prevent the build-up of creosote which can cause chimney fires. Have a chimney cap installed to keep small animals and birds out. Make sure your chimney sweep is certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America.

•Install gutter guards. Gutter guards are slotted and allow water to get into the gutters but not the leaves. They prevent leaf build-up which clogs gutters and then contributes to winter ice dams.

Fall Roof Maintenance Includes Your Complimentary Denver Roof Inspection

Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors provides a complimentary inspection of your residential roof throughout the Denver metro area and the front range. Our qualified roof inspectors look for wind damage and hail damage from Colorado storms. Our roof inspectors evaluate the roof, gutters and downspouts, in addition to all elevations of the home for siding damage, paint damage or window damage. Our qualified roof inspectors look at the deck, swamp cooler or AC unit, as well as any detached structures including fences and sheds. We also look at the interior of the home to inspect for water damage. And, we will check your attic insulation.

Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors is insured and certified by various manufacturers to install their products. Our employees are not temporary workers but are hired as permanent employees. We invest in their safety and installation training. They are also trained to be compliant with guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If they need to go into your home, they will wear masks and shoe covers, use hand sanitizer, and stay at least six feet away from all occupants.

Your home is possibly your greatest investment. It’s also the place where your family is sheltered and protected. You want to keep your roof in good condition. Contact us today for your complimentary roof inspection.

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