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Get Your Hail Damage to Your Roof Fixed Now


Winter is Coming

As you face another hot, summer day, it is hard to remember that winter will be here before you know it. The big question to ask is, “Is my roof ready for winter?” If you have hail damage to roof, now is a good time to get it fixed.

Hail Damage to Roof

There have been quite a few hail storms in the Denver metro area this spring and summer. The damage to your roof may not be evident now. It might become known when that damage combines with the winter challenges.

Sometimes replacing individual shingles with hail damage can be a temporary solution. But, a Denver roofer must check the hail damage on roof to determine if the shingles are also damaged. For example, a damaged shingle will show hail damage with a divot or crack. But what about the shingles surrounding it?

If those shingles don’t show any obvious damage you may not be able to assess invisible damage. If a few shingles show obvious hail damage, all the shingles could have unseen damage. A complete roof replacement is often recommended by a Denver CO roofing company such as Peak to Peak. If hail damage is only visible on one plane of the roof, a roof replacement on that section of the roof may be possible.

If we replace individual shingles, we will replace nails used on surrounding shingles. We will reseal the surrounding shingles for optimal results.   

With any roof hail damage, the freeze/thaw cycle can exacerbate any existing issues. This can happen with loose or cracked shingles, detached flashing, or cracked gutters. In the Colorado climate, the temperature swings cause contraction and expansion of roofs.

Ice Dams

The warm air inside your home rises into the attic and warms the shingles on your roof creating an ice dam. Snow that has accumulated on your roof will melt. The water will take the path of least resistance to the roof edge where it re-freezes as ice. The ice gets thicker from all the melting snow. As more snow melts, it gets backed up the roof and seeps under the shingles. The backed-up water freezes and thaws. It then works its way into any weakness in the roof, especially a hail damage roof.

Snow Weight

Roof damage is common in the winter months because of the weight of wet snow. Wet snow is a lot heavier than dry fluffy snow. Six inches of wet snow is equal to 38 inches of dry snow. Living in Colorado, we all know that spring snow is heavy snow.

Each roof handles different weight loads. If too much snow accumulates on a hail damage roof, there is a chance it could collapse. If your roof does not have adequate drainage, it can sustain hail damage.  The roof is then over-stressed which can cause cracks, leaks, and a sagging ceiling.

Insurance Coverage for Hail Damage to Roof

If you think you may have sustained hail damage to your roof, there is a time limit for submitting a claim. Usually it is a year. If you neglect to have roof damage repaired and the damage gets worse. 

Your insurance company may not cover the damage. Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors offers complimentary roof inspections. We will also send our inspector out during the same visit as the insurance adjuster. This is to make sure nothing gets left off of the Statement of Loss.

Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors is Your Denver Roofer

We have experience, certifications, insurance, and licenses. Since we are local, our roofers are not traveling to COVID-19 hot spots. We do not hire a bunch of temporary employees after a hail storm. Thus, we have taken the time to train your roofers in proper health and safety procedures.

Whatever you do, don’t hire a fly-by-night contractor. Make sure they have insurance and a license to do the work. You want that new roof to come with a warranty. Peak to Peak Roofing offers a two-year workmanship warranty.  Our products come with 30- to 50-year warranties from the manufacturers.

Get Your Hail Damage to Roof Fixed Before Winter

Now is the ideal time to begin this process. There is still time to get your hail damaged roof repaired before winter. Then you will have peace of mind and no unpleasant surprises when the snow flies. Contact us today.

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