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Hail Damage Repairs


A hail storm can be devastating.  Hail can damage your roof, your siding, your patio furniture, your car, your gutters, your fence, your garden, and your windows.  Fortunately, your homeowner’s insurance covers hail damage repairs to all of these except your car (your auto insurance policy covers your car) and, alas, your garden.

Hair Damage Repairs to Shingles

Hail is hard on shingles.  The hailstones dent the shingles and sometimes crack them.  The accompanying wind can lift the edges of shingles or even tear them off the roof.  Damaged shingles can allow water to seep underneath.  This water can cause wood rot or mold to the area below it.  It can also cause leaks into the rooms below the roof.  Water getting under shingles can freeze and thaw, causing further damage.


Skylights can easily be broken by hailstones.  The hole created by the hailstone will cause water to pour into the room below.  But hailstones can also damage skylights by breaking their seals.  The damage may not be evident right away until later when the seals begin to leak.


Gutters can be dented or even dislodged by hailstones.  If they aren’t seamless gutters, the seams could become damaged.  This will prevent the water from flowing down the drainpipe and instead dripping into the area below the broken seam.  This could cause damage to paint as it splashed up against the outside walls.  It could also cause an ice patch to form in the winter.

Windows and Siding

Hail doesn’t just affect the tops of buildings.  Since hailstones take a diagonally path to the ground, due to the wind, the sides of buildings can be impacted by hailstorms.  Hail can break windows and damage siding.  Windows can also have seals broken.  Siding can be dented and / or the paint damaged.  Since the siding is supposed to protect the structure of the house, damaged siding can allow water in during rainstorms and create damage inside walls.

Hail Damage Repairs Insurance Claim

You want to make your insurance claim as soon as possible.  Most insurance companies have a time limit after the storm to file a claim.  But waiting to file the claim means that you are then waiting for repairs to be made.  The longer you put off repairs, the more damage that may be caused by future rain storms.

Why Not to Skip Repairs

The outside of your home is designed to protect the structure of your home.  Putting off repairs can often lead to more damage because the outer protective layer of your home is damaged.  It can let the elements get in and cause damage from freezing and thawing water, mold, and wood rot.

Your Denver Roofing Contractor for Hail Damage Repairs

You want to hire a competent, licensed, experienced contractor to help with these repairs.  When an extensive hailstorm strikes, a lot of companies will form just for this event.  They hire temporary workers and offer good deals on repairs.  These companies don’t have warranties, may not be licensed, and may not even exist a year later.  The only thing worse for your home than having inferior work done is not having anyone who will back up that work and repair anything that wasn’t done right the first time.

Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors is a licensed, insured, local Denver roofer.  We have a two-year guarantee on workmanship and have been in business for over ten years.  Since we are local, we will be available to honor the warranties on our work.  We use top of the line products from manufacturers who also offer a 30- to 50-year guarantee on their materials.

Peak to Peak offers free inspections and we will be happy to be there when your insurance adjustor arrives to review the damage.  By having us there with the adjustor, we can make sure that the Statement of Loss is accurate and isn’t missing anything crucial to a proper repair.  Having to amend the Statement of Loss causes delays to starting the work.

Hail storms are frustrating because they add a lot of work to your life.  There’s yard and patio cleanup and the logistics of dealing with homeowners and possible auto insurers.  We want to help reduce that frustration and work.  We can interface directly with the insurance company and take care of your whole roof , siding, and window repair or replacement and leave you free to take care of the other aspects of the post-storm cleanup.  Contact us today for your free estimate.

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