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Peak to Peak Roofing’s Response to COVID-19

Peak to Peak Roofing's Response to COVID-19 for Residential and Commercial Roof Repair

As a member of the incredible Denver Metro community, we share in many of the thoughts and feelings that are so prevalent as our community deals with COVID-19. And while there is much out of our control, our commitment is to be faithful and consistent in the areas that are within our control; specifically by continuing to provide critical services to our community whom we love very much.

We realize there are very real and practical concerns as you consider making decisions about your property and whom to engage for work during this COVID-19 crisis. At Peak to Peak, we have always striven to be sensitive and responsive to any concerns brought to our attention. In keeping with that tradition, we’ve put together the most common concerns and the corresponding solutions to each. We hope these will ease your mind a bit as you approach a new project on your property in the coming months and that it will demonstrate our continued commitment to providing high-quality critical services regardless of the difficulties that may come.

Your Concerns About COVID-19 and Your Roofing Contractor

Concern: I do not want anyone in my home. Can I engage you for work from within quarantine if needed?

  • Solution: Yes. While we enjoy our face-to-face contact, we fully understand the concern for limited exposure at this time. At Peak to Peak we have implemented an end-to-end process that enables us to perform every aspect of your job without coming inside your home.

Concern: I have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 virus and now can’t afford my deductible (out-of-pocket expense) even though I need the work done. Is Peak to Peak able to help?

  • Solution: Based on Colorado law, we are required to collect deductibles. However, there are ways we can offset the cost and we have solid financing options available.

Concern: Many services I need aren’t available at all or have limited hours. What if I need someone to fix my roof at night or on a weekend?

  • Solution: We have a service and repair division to handle issues 24/7.

As we head into the spring and summer months, it is vital the roofing industry be prepared and well-resourced to quickly respond to the impacts that extreme weather and natural disasters may inflict on homes and buildings while the cycle of this pandemic plays out in the next few months. And we are thankful that the Colorado Roofing Association and the National Roofing Contractors Association are advocating at the Federal and State levels for “roofing” to be included in any definition of “essential services”.

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