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Should I File a Claim for Hail Damage to My Roof?

Roofing Companies Will Assess the Damages and Make Recommendations for Repairs or Roof Replacement.

Roof damage is common after a hail storm. If your roof gets hit by hail, you might want to consider filing an insurance claim because even small hailstones can cause damage. Insurance can provide a lifeline for people facing some significant roof repair or replacement costs. Before you jump right to filing an insurance claim though, there are a few things to consider.

Assess the Damage With Roofing Contractors

First, check your roof for hail damage. If you have roofing contractors that handle roof repair in the area, then give them a call and ask if they can take look at roof damage from hail. The roofing company will be able to tell you if you have a roof leak and if you need your roof repaired, or if you need to replace your entire roof.

If you’re in the Denver area and you recently experienced a hail storm, contact your trusted local roofers at Peak to Peak Roofing & Exteriors for a free inspection and repair estimate. This local Denver roofing company has years of experience dealing with insurance carriers and delivering top-tier residential and commercial roofing services.

Document the Damage

During your free roof inspection, as the roofing contractors point out the damaged roofing materials, take photos of everything that’s not right. If you had a really bad hail storm and there are lots of displaced, missing, or broken shingles, take as many photos as possible. This will be one of the first things insurance carriers will ask for if you end up filing a claim.

If the roofing company finds enough damage, they may recommend a roof replacement. If it ends up being the case that you do need to have your roof replaced, you’ll need plenty of evidence to justify that in your insurance claim. In Denver, roof replacement is not cheap, so take this piece of advice seriously.

Hold Off on Making Repairs

It is also important to note that damage to roofing materials can be present even if there is no visible damage. If your roof feels weak, you might want to get it inspected by a roofing contractor. Whether you plan on filing a claim or not, don’t make any repairs just yet. If you must, cover severely damaged areas with a tarp or temporary covering to prevent further water leaks or damages.

Ask Your Insurance Company About Your Policy

The next thing to do is assess your insurance coverage. Some homeowners insurance companies require you to file an insurance claim right away and others require filing within 6 months up to a year after the damage occurs. Contact your insurance company about their claims process over the phone before calling them out to gain more knowledge on what they need you to document for hail damage roof compensation.

Generally, hail damage is covered by most insurance carriers, but your policy will still be different from everyone else’s, so make sure you talk with your insurance provider to make sure you understand what you’re getting into before filing a claim.

Is Filing a Roof Repair Claim Worth It?

After your insurance company gives you a repair or replacement quote, you will want to weigh your deductible against the overall repair costs. If your repairs cost only slightly more than your deductible, you may want to just pay the repair bills out of pocket, because your insurance rates will rise once you file a claim. For example, if your roof repairs will cost $3,000 and your deductible is $2,500, then it may not make sense to go through with filing the insurance claim.

Make the Call

Even after these considerations, filing an insurance claim for hail damage roof compensation is always going to be a personal choice. Some people would rather just pay out of pocket and avoid the paperwork and negotiations required by insurance companies while others feel that getting the roof fixed or replaced through insurance is a better option because they don’t have enough money on hand for roof repairs.

If you’re still unsure what to do, or if you want more information about the current condition of your roof, call the Denver roofing contractors at Peak to Peak Roofing & Exteriors today. Their experienced and knowledgeable team does Denver roof repair unlike anyone else in the surrounding areas. They will provide you with a free roof inspection and repair estimate, educate you on the condition of your roof, and guide you through the repair process.

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