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9 Tips Before Hiring a Denver Roofing Contractor

9 Tips Before Hiring a Denver Roofing Contractor

When you need to hire a Denver roofing contractor, how do you choose the right one? One of the most important things to consider is reputation. Does the local roofing contractor have a good reputation? A good reputation is a sign that the roofing company’s overall quality and service are excellent. There are many more tips and resources to help you select a reputable roofing contractor for your hail damage roof repair project.

Online Reviews

Nearly every business has a presence on the internet, and those businesses usually get online reviews from customers, especially on websites like Yelp, HomeAdvisor, Google, and Facebook reviews. These reviews can be very helpful for you to see what experience other customers have had with a particular Aurora roofing company. However, keep in mind that customers who had a negative experience with a roofing contractor are more likely to write a review than customers who had a positive experience, and this can make the overall rating a bit unbalanced.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a trusted source of information about Colorado Springs roofing companies and Aurora roofing contractors. The BBB compiles feedback from customers who have used a particular contractor and provides a rating for that contractor. A high BBB rating for a roofing company is a good predictor of the overall customer experience with that contractor.


One of the best ways to select a Denver roofing contractor is to get a referral from someone who had a positive experience with that roofing company. A satisfied customer does not always write an online review, but they will tell their friends and family about their experience. Word-of-mouth referrals give you a chance to ask the person about their experience, and you will most likely get an unbiased and unfiltered response. Remember to ask very specific questions, such as were the Aurora roofers courteous, were they efficient, did they clean up the job site, was the roof repair completed on time?

Licensing and Insurance

A roofing contractor in Colorado Springs will have the proper licensing and insurance for their contractors and subcontractors. You can request a copy of their insurance certificate and state licensing, and the roofing company should provide it without hesitation. Colorado law requires that all roofing contractors have a license, but that doesn’t stop unlicensed roofers from attempting to sell you on a roof hail damage repair for your home or business.

Roofing Contractor Website

Another part of the process of selecting a reputable roofing contractor is the roofing company website. The website is the face of the company, and it should answer your questions about the roofing products they sell, the roofing warranties they provide, their guarantee, and a confirmation they are licensed, bonded, and insured. If the website has customer testimonials, that’s a good sign the roofing company is trustworthy. Request a list of customer references that you can call for a recommendation.

Next, look for a blog on the website. An informational blog about roof hail damage, filing insurance claims, and hail damage roof inspections can be a valuable resource to help you make a decision about selecting a Colorado Springs roofing contractor.

Years in Business

How long has the roofing company been in business? This is an important predictor of their level of experience, their reliability, and the quality of their roofing products and services. Check the address on the company’s website to confirm it is a legitimate office location. If you’re still unsure, drive by the location to see if it exists.

Ask about the Aurora roofers’ financial stability, and more specifically, ask if they have ever filed for bankruptcy or if they are currently involved in any litigation.

Memberships and Associations

Many roofing companies are members of industry associations, such as the NRCA, which provides continuing education and best roofing practices for its members. A reputable roofing company will have a professional association with these types of industry organizations.


9 Tips Before Hiring a Denver Roofing Contractor

Does your Colorado Springs roofing contractor offer a manufacturer’s warranty on their roofing product or roofing installation? This is important to know because the protection of your home or business depends on a quality roof backed by a quality manufacturer. Some manufacturers require certification to install their roofing materials.


When you are comfortable with your choice of a reputable roofing contractor, the next step is to make contact and request a proposal. When an Aurora roofing company comes to your home for a hail damage roof inspection, they will provide a written and detailed outline of the work to be done. Make sure the proposal contains information about the roofing materials, the manufacturer’s warranty, the roofing company’s guarantee, the project timeline and budget, and the payment procedures and expectations.

Your roof protects your home, family and business. When it’s time to repair or replace your roof in Colorado, take the time to investigate your Denver roofing contractor using these criteria. A local roofing company will provide certifications, licensing and insurance information, warranties and a detailed, written proposal so that you can be sure you are getting a quality roof from a reputable roofing contractor. Contact Peak to Peak Roofing today and ask about our product and service guarantees.

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