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Peak to Peak Roofing Supports Local Mission Team

Peak to Peak Roofing Supports Local Mission Team

Peak to Peak Roofing and Exteriors is proud to support local mission teams who go into all parts of the world to serve people in need. We are currently supporting a mission team led by Katie Dizon who is going to the Philippines to support missionaries who are already serving in the field. 

Katie Dizon is leading a small team to the Philippines for the purpose of hosting a retreat for local pastors, leaders, missionaries, and their families in the area. She wants to bless, refresh and encourage those who serve in the mission field, and hosting a retreat is her way to accomplish that goal. 

The travel team consists of people who are gifted in all areas of teaching and administration, along with people who are experienced in planning retreats. Katie has also recruited people who can build a curriculum for the children of the mission leaders. When all the right people come together, it creates a perfect team of people who complement each other’s talents and skills. 

Katie’s funding goal is to make the entire trip completely free of cost for all the team members, and this includes transportation.

Challenges and Stress in the Missions Field 

The missions field has many challenges and is often very stressful for the people who serve in this capacity. Missionaries are faced with situations and circumstances that we cannot imagine. There are situational factors such as conflict within the team, government bureaucracy and interference, cultural conflict from not fitting in with the locals, the loss of emotional support from friends and family, housing difficulties being an outsider, and environmental factors such as dirty water and lack of heat. 

Missionaries face communication challenges with speaking a different language and adjusting to new customs and cultures. They experience isolation, loneliness, and biases because of their gender, skin color, or religion. It is difficult to make friends and form strong bonds with the natives who do not trust outsiders. 

When missionaries travel overseas to serve, they miss out on family life events back home such as graduations, weddings, funerals, and family reunions. They may face serious health challenges and find inadequate health care to help them recover and heal. Missionaries also have to deal with crime, accidents, danger from terrorists in faction-based regions, and government corruption. If a mission team takes children to another country, there is always a concern for the children’s safety and well-being in an unfamiliar cultural and political landscape. 

Why a Missions Retreat?

Katie Dizon has felt a passion to show love and support for various mission teams because she understands the challenges and stress they face every day. She wants to provide an opportunity for the mission team to relax, unwind, recharge their batteries, and be filled with a new sense of peace and purpose in their endeavors. 

After she and her team return from the Philippines, the next destination is Brazil. Katie will be joining another team to serve with a missionary family in Belem, Brazil. This family is involved with ministering to refugees, to people working in prostitution, and in prison ministry. In her community letter, Katie said, “I am excited to serve the people of Brazil as well as having the opportunity to serve and encourage the Fox family.” 

Many of the refugees in Brazil are from Venezuela, a place that Katie called home when she was growing up. She has a heart for the nation of Venezuela and has spent countless hours praying for a country she once called home. 

When Katie began planning the trip to Brazil, her focus was to bless and encourage the Fox family. But as she has gained more information, her heart was stirred to work through the refugee ministry and to minister to those in prostitution. When she visited Thailand, her heart was filled with a burden to specifically help those in prostitution. She believes this is her calling.  

How Can I Help?

Katie has asked for wisdom in planning these trips, guidance as she prepares to travel with a young child, and financial provision for both trips. If you feel led to support Katie financially, you may send a check to Calvary Church, 18900 E Hampden Ave, Aurora CO 80013. Make checks payable to Calvary Church and in the memo line write either “Philippines/Katie” or “Brazil/Katie.”

Peak to Peak Roofing is proud to sponsor Katie Dizon in her traveling adventures that come from a deep calling to serve others in the world. Peak to Peak Roofing is your Denver roofing company that offers free hail damage roof inspectionsfor both residential roofing and commercial roofing in Colorado. Our Denver roofing contractors operate with honor and integrity in their work. Peak to Peak Roofing is a roofing company near me that values their clients and treats everyone with respect. Contact us today for a free roof inspection.

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