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Don’t Ignore Your Commercial Roof Leak

Don’t Ignore Your Commercial Roof Leak

Roof Leaks can cause all sorts of damage to any structure; however, they pose additional problems when it is a commercial roof leak.  There are many causes of a roof leak.  Being aware of the causes of a roof leak can help you notice them more easily and quickly.  Recognizing roof leaks will get you on the path to a roof leak repair, so you can contain or prevent any damage as well as saving your business money in the long run.  Ignoring roof leaks will only lead to increased damage and increased cost.  The cost of damages from a roof leak will greatly outweigh the cost of a roof leak repair.  

Causes of a Roof Leak

  • • Poor Drainage
  • • Open Areas on the Roof near seams 
  • • Flashing 
  • • Damaged Membrane
  • • Age has caused the roof to deteriorate 
  • • Flat Roof 

Flat roofs are often more susceptible to a roof leak because poor drainage is more likely either because there is no slope to the roof or debris can more easily build up causing a backup of water.  This water then needs somewhere to go which can very easily lead to a leak.  Broken areas of the roof, whether it be a seam from an installed HVAC system, the flashing, or the membrane that protects the roof, can all be very good ways for water to penetrate your roof and create a roof leak leading to all sorts of damage.  In addition to all of these causes of roof leaks, since commercial buildings are more likely to have a flat roof, roof leaks are definitely something to be aware of.

Damage Roof Leaks Cause

The normal issues that result from a roof leak are damage to the interior walls and ceilings.  All of this moisture can travel through your property wreaking havoc on the structure.  As the water moves to the interior of your structure, it can peel paint, buckle wood, and weaken ceilings.  It can actually even affect the foundation of your property.  Some obvious damage is mold that can deteriorate and destroy the interior as well.  However, mold can do more than cause direct physical damage.  It can also spread through the HVAC system to infiltrate and contaminate floors, furniture, and any inventory you may have.  Not to mention how mold can also be harmful to one’s health.  If undetected, mold can certainly cause all sorts of health issues for you and your employees.

In addition to these issues, there are other issues from roof leaks that cause damage more specifically to commercial property.

  • • Inventory
  • • Computers & Other Equipment
  • • Important Documents
  • • Business Downtime
  • • Business Loss

Water damage from a roof leak can obviously destroy the contents of your business like your furniture, computers, and important documents.  But, not only does it destroy these tangible things, but then it can also destroy the information that you need for your business.  When this information – whether from damaged documents or a damaged server –  is no longer readily available, you suffer the loss of time and productivity attempting to access it another way.

If a roof leak is ignored, it will get worse and then you will suffer business downtime as you will have a more comprehensive repair on your hands – whether it’s to the structure itself or the interior of the building where business was taking place.

Inventory is another huge factor to consider.  As a business, you have your profits wrapped up in your inventory.  If that gets damaged, you suffer a loss there.  Ultimately, overall business loss, which includes many of these elements already mentioned, is the biggest burden as a consequence of a roof leak and will be the most costly.

You can save so much time, property, business downtime, and financial loss by getting a roof leak repair as soon as you notice the problem.  There is no reason to ignore a roof leak.  The problem will not get better and you will pay the price with the damaging consequences.  It is much more prudent to get your roof leak repaired as soon as possible.  The cost of a roof leak repair will undoubtedly be less than any damage that you could suffer.

Contact Peak to Peak Roofing as soon as you notice any water or suspect a roof leak.  We can inspect your property and check all of the areas that could be causing a roof leak.  We can provide you with a quick estimate for a roof leak repair, so you can begin taking immediate action to mitigate any damage that could be caused.

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