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Residential and Commercial Roofer Serving HOAs in Denver and Surrounding Areas

At Peak to Peak, we understand that one of the main functions of an HOA is quality control. When you are looking for a professional roofing and exteriors company to work with, you need someone with corporate expertise and residential sensibilities. At Peak to Peak Roofing & Exteriors we excel in both. We know what Home Owners Associations need when it comes to everything from paperwork to warranties. We realize that the process of selection and approval can take anywhere from a couple days to a couple months depending on the group and we do everything in our power to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible.


We have experience with the style and color standards that must be upheld by a quality HOA and are happy to extensively research these factors to find what products are best suited to your development.


Before you make a decision, we are happy to make samples of color and style available to you for inspection.


Sending a Peak to Peak representative to attend HOA meetings is something we are happy to do to help facilitate the pre-project discussion.

Paper Work

At Peak to Peak, we are ready and willing to fill out all the paperwork needed.

Project Managers

Every project comes with its own project manager who is the onsite point of contact while the work is being done. The project Manager communicates with our office, the crew and the homeowner. This alleviates uncertainty and miscommunication and insures a higher standard of quality, timeliness and workmanship.

Safety & Neighbor Relations

We take safety very seriously which is why we make certain that children and family pets are properly watched over during construction. We also try to talk to your neighbors to let them know about our timeline and address any noise and safety concerns in advance.

Flat Roofing

This is a hot button for HOA’s as it is an important aspect in commercial roofing. We are experts at flat roofing in addition to sending in a crew that is considerate enough to remember that the work is being done on someone’s home.


We offer a two year workmanship warranty on all of the work we do.

We understand just how important it is to select the right contractor. That is why we invite you to inspect our credentials, view our certifications and really understand our vision for helping you protect and maximize your investment. Only then can you be sure that you are working in partnership with true professionals who are committed to excellence and dedicated to quality.  This makes us just as concerned about the end result as you are.

Tax Credits

Are you aware of the tax credits for energy efficient roofing that will expire at the end of this year? For more information, check out the Energy Star Website: 

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