Jefferson County Colorado Roofing Codes

These are the roofing codes for Jefferson County Colorado. Note the code specifies that Class A roof coverings are required for properties above an elevation of 6400 feet.

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Building Department Phone


Inspection Line



Department Website

Informational Handout

Current Building Code

2015 IRC

Current Energy Code

2009 IECC

Requires a Building Permit


Special conditions

At elevations above 6400’ Class A roof coverings are required.

ASTM Standard for wind rating

D 7158 (G or H) or D 3161 (A, D, & F)

Requires a manufacturer’s wind warranty


Requires wind nailing

Yes, per manufacturer’s specifications

Inspectors carry ladders for the final

Yes, with one story access

Requires midroof (in progress) inspection

Yes, when more than 10% but less than 25% of the roof is complete.

Maximum number of layers of asphalt shingles permitted

One layer, complete tear off required

Maximum number of layers of flat roof material permitted

One layer, complete tear off required

Require a sheathing/decking inspection


Requires solid sheeting (plywood/OSB) over spaced decking


Minimum gap size for sheeting

3/8” gap

Requires drip edge

Yes, at eaves and gables

Drip edge size minimum

2 x 2

Requires Rake/Gable metal edging


Enforces the use of Self Adhering Underlayment (i.e., Ice & Water)

Ice barrier required for asphalt shingles, metal roof shingles, mineral roll roofing, slate wood shingles, and wood shakes. Concrete and clay tile require ice barrier per manufacturer’s instructions.

Type of valleys allowed

Open and closed

Valley Underlayment/Material required for closed valleys

Ice and water barrier

Valley Underlayment/Material required for open valleys


Kick-out required on Step Flashing


Minimum curb height requirement


Chimney crickets requirement


Permits Soffit eave/vents


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