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Littleton Colorado Roofing Codes

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Littleton Colorado Roofing Codes

The roofing codes for Littleton Colorado are listed here. The code specifies a 2:12 slope minimum, and a building permit is required for new roof coverings and repairs of existing roofs that are over 100 square feet.

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Building Department Phone


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Department Website

Informational Handout

Current Building Code

2012 IBC/IRC

Current Energy Code

2012 IECC

Requires a Building Permit

Yes, for all new roof coverings and repairs of existing roofs over 100 square feet.

ASTM Standard for wind rating

D 225, D 3462, D 3161, or D 7158

Inspectors carry ladders for the final

Yes, with one story access

Requires midroof (in progress) inspection

Yes, inspection required once all roof covering has been removed and new underlayment has been installed.

Maximum number of layers of asphalt shingles permitted

One layer

Maximum number of layers of flat roof material permitted

One layer

Requires drip edge

Yes, at all eaves and gable ends of roofs.

Drip edge size minimum

Drip edge shall extend a minimum of ¼” below the sheathing and extend up the roof deck a minimum of 2” onto the decking.

Requires Rake/Gable metal edging


Enforces the use of Self Adhering Underlayment (i.e., Ice & Water)


Distance inside warm wall

Ice barrier shall extend from the lowest edge of all roof surfaces to at least 24” inside of warm wall.

Underlayment required 2:12 up to 4:12

Double layer

Type of valleys allowed

Closed and Open

Valley Underlayment/Material required for open valleys

Minimum 24” wide 26-gage galvanized steel

Kick-out required on Step Flashing


Minimum curb height requirement


Requires ridge cap


Requires positive drainage


Requires ventilation to meet building codes



2:12 minimum

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