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How to Spot Hail Damage on Aluminum Siding

How to Spot Hail Damage on Aluminum Siding

Hail damage is a major concern for homeowners, especially those with exposed siding. Hail can cause serious damage to homes, vehicles, and other property. While hail is most common in the Midwest and Plains states, it can occur anywhere in the country.

Is It a Bad Idea to Get Aluminum Siding?

Before we get into all of the signs of hail damage on aluminum siding, let’s talk about the benefits of metal siding. We don’t want this article to make you shy away from purchasing and installing an aluminum siding product. So, here are the main things we love about aluminum siding:

Extremely Durable

Aluminum siding is one of the most durable sidings on the market. It can withstand severe weather conditions, including high winds, rain, snow, and hail. It lasts for decades and will serve as a fortified wall surrounding your precious home. Other siding materials, like vinyl siding, wood siding, and composite siding are great too, but aluminum siding is especially durable.

Low Maintenance

Metal siding doesn’t require much in the way of upkeep. You won’t have to paint it or stain it like you would with wood siding. You simply install it and let it do its thing. If it accumulates dust and dirt, you can power wash it to remove any residue.


Aluminum siding will stand up to very hot flames in the event of a house fire, which makes it a great choice for safety-conscious homeowners. It’s not completely fire-retardant, but much more than most other siding products.

Rust and Rot-Resistant

Aluminum siding won’t succumb to rust or rot, even if it’s constantly exposed to moisture. This is a huge selling point for coastal homeowners who deal with high humidity on a regular basis. The reasons aluminum siding prevents rust and rot so well are because it’s water-resistant and there is no organic material in aluminum that can succumb to rot.

Is Aluminum Siding Cheaper Than Vinyl Siding?

Both aluminum siding and vinyl siding are extremely popular among homeowners. Which one is cheaper though? Aluminum siding will likely be the cheaper option for your home. It’s usually less material, and the process for producing aluminum siding is slightly easier than vinyl siding. The price difference isn’t staggering, but aluminum siding tends to be the more affordable siding option.

Vinyl siding does come in more colors and textures than aluminum siding, but aluminum siding might be the more practical option. It’s light, durable, resistant to the elements, easy to install, and eco-friendly. So while you may have more color options with vinyl, you might choose to go with aluminum if you want more bang for your buck.

Signs of Hail Damage

There are a few key things to look for when inspecting hail damage on aluminum siding:

  • Dents or divots in the metal
  • Cracks or splits in the siding
  • Missing or chipped paint
  • Gaps where the hail has pulled away sections of the siding

These key things will work to identify hail damage on vinyl siding, wood siding, and other types of siding as well. The signs of hail damage are relatively the same across the board. However, you’re more likely to find severe hail damage on other siding materials, like wood siding and vinyl siding, than you are to find severe damage on aluminum siding.

How to See the Damage

You don’t necessarily need to get up on a ladder to assess siding or roof damage. Try to get a good visual of it from out in your yard.

Or, you can stand in the yard and use the zoom on your smartphone camera to take close-up pictures.

Another solution to get a closer look is to use binoculars or a scope, especially for those high-up areas. The overhang on your roof will likely protect the upper portions of your siding. Sometimes though, if there are some really nasty winds, the hail can blow horizontally and cause damage all the way up the side of your home.

If your siding or roof is very high up or at a flattened angle in some places where you can’t see from down on the ground, try to look around at other homes in your neighborhood for comparison.

If you suspect that your home has hail damage, it’s important to have it inspected by a professional as soon as possible. Hail damage can worsen over time, so it’s important to address any issues as soon as they are discovered.

Get Estimates From Professional Siding Companies

Get at least three repair quotes from different siding contractors. Not all siding contractors are the same, so it’s important to explore your options.

You should even consider getting four or more to ensure you get a comprehensive overview of prices and estimates for repair work.

Go Local

Remember, it’s important to get estimates from companies that are local to your area for a few reasons.

They Will Work With Your Insurance

Firstly, a local siding contractor, like Peak to Peak Roofing & Exteriors, will be familiar with insurance adjusters and might be able to aid in filing claim forms with your insurer.

They Will Save You Time

Second, local siding technicians will be able to complete the task more quickly since they are nearby. They won’t have to travel for several hours to the job site.

They Know the Area

Lastly, a local professional siding contractor will know the precise building codes in your city, and they’ll know how to repair siding in the best way for your climate and environment.

For example, if there’s a particular type of repair recommended by code officials or building inspectors in your area, repair companies who aren’t as familiar with those regulations might not be aware and could overlook those important details.

To get a free roof inspection, or to get your repairs done right away, contact a team of reputable Denver siding contractors like the ones at Peak to Peak Roofing & Exteriors. Their experienced contractors will work directly with your insurance to make the necessary repairs to your roofing or siding to prevent any further damage. Get a hail damage repair quote from them today.

How to Minimize Hail Storm Damage

There are a few things you can do to minimize the damages caused by a hail storm. First, if you live in an area that’s prone to hail, make sure to have your roof, siding, and windows inspected regularly for any damage. Second, if a hail storm is forecasted, make sure to bring any loose items inside or secure them so they don’t become projectiles. Finally, if your home does sustain damage from a hail storm, make sure to contact a professional as soon as possible to assess the damage and make repairs.

How to Find Local Siding Contractors

We have several suggestions for how to find quality local siding contractors who can repair your damaged aluminum siding:

Online Searches

Search online for “hail damage repair near me,” or, “storm damage repair” in your city or county. Google will come up with a whole list of siding repair companies that are registered nearby your home. You can filter through those, and find some that are within close proximity that you’d like to contact.

Once you have a few companies in mind, be sure to check out their websites and social media pages to get a feel for their business. You can learn a lot just from viewing a company’s website and social accounts.

It’s also a good idea to read customer reviews to see what others have said about their experience with the storm damage repair company. People like to post negative things more than positive things, so take customer reviews with a grain of salt.

Ask Friends and Family

You can also ask friends, family, and neighbors if they have any recommendations for storm damage repair services. This is one of the most reliable ways to get good information about a company.

Other Ways Hail Can Damage Your Home

Besides causing severe damage to your aluminum siding, hail can also wreak havoc on other parts of your home:

Roof Damage

One of the most common ways that a hail storm can ruin your house is by damaging the roofing materials. Hailstones can fall with enough force to crack or break metal roofing, asphalt shingles, slate, shingles, etc., leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks. In extreme cases, hailstones can punch through the roofing materials and cause significant damage to the underlying structure. If you live in an area that’s prone to hail, it’s important to have your roof inspected regularly by a professional roofing contractor for any damage.

If your roof does get severely damaged by a hail storm, you’ll want to file a hail damage roof insurance claim to get roof repairs or a roof replacement as soon as possible. That way, your insurance can direct you on getting a roofing contractor out to your home to get an estimate for roof repair or roof installation costs. Your roof is the most vulnerable area of your home. If your roof starts to leak, the ripple effects of leaking and water damage will spread throughout the rest of your home.

Window Damage

Hailstones can also cause serious damage to your windows. While most windows are made to withstand a certain amount of force, hailstones can crack or break the glass. In severe cases, hailstones can even shatter the window and cause serious injury. If you live in an area that’s prone to hail, it’s important to have your windows inspected regularly for any damage.

Car Damage

Hail storms can also cause serious damage to your car. While most cars are made to withstand a certain amount of force, hailstones can dent or break the body. In severe cases, hailstones can even shatter the windshield and cause serious injury. If you live in an area that’s prone to hail damage, it’s important to have protection for your car in the form of a car park, garage, or parking ramp.

File a Claim With Your Insurance Company

After you identify hail damage on your siding and get a few hail damage repair estimates, it’s important to file a claim with the insurance companies.

What Your Insurance Company Will Expect From You

The claims process to repair your damaged siding will vary depending on the type of insurance policy that you have. In most cases, it involves getting an inspector to come out and assess the damage.  

You’ll need quite a bit of information ready for this step including pictures of your siding, repair estimates, receipts for repair supplies, etc.

Sometimes your insurance company will assist with estimates, but you should come prepared with your own assessment of the damage in case the inspector misses something.

What to Expect From Your Insurance Company

The filing process can be tricky because every insurance company has different rules about what is covered under their hail repair coverage. Try not to assume any coverage is guaranteed. Typically, though, repair coverage includes repair or replacement of roofing, siding/exteriors, windows, gutters, downspouts, and/or skylights.

Before they pay you anything for the repairs, they will conduct a hail damage inspection to assess the cost of repairs.

Once your insurance claim is processed, you can get someone out to make the repairs.

Repair Your Damaged Siding Today!

Hail-damaged siding is a serious issue that can lead to significant repair costs. If you live in an area that’s prone to hail storms, it’s important to have your roof, siding, and windows inspected regularly for any damage. And if siding damage does occur, make sure to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible. Finally, find a respectable local hail damage repair company like Peak to Peak Roofing & Exteriors to assess and repair the storm damage done to your home.

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